Scandal: – His career is not over

Scandal: - His career is not over

Oscar Academy Board of Directors came Friday evening with the news that Actor Will Smith (53) He refused to attend the Oscars for the next ten years, after him Beat comedian Chris Rock (57) on stage.

Now Christopher Ball, film critic for Dagbladet, tells what he thinks about the Oscar Academy decision.

– I thought a little that the Academy felt that they had to do something, even though he had already withdrawn. In that sense, there’s not much difference, but I think they’d also indicate that they’re turning away from themselves, so as not to fully advance, says Ball in the introduction.

New details: A Tiktok video goes viral on social media and shows how Jada Pinkett Smith reacts to Will Smith’s prank on Chris Rock during this year’s Oscars. Video: Tiktok, AP. Reporter: Håvard TL Knutsen
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– Unbelievably big

According to Bahl, Smith is considered one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and he began his career, among other things, in the movie “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. He has also been seen in a number of major films and has been seen as an action hero in Hollywood.

– That’s what makes this so big. He searched for the statue for 30 years, had a classy image all year, and was considered a kind and steady man. But then that happens 15 minutes before he receives the award, says Ball.

Not much more: Dagbladet's film critic Christopher Bahl believes the Oscar scandal isn't the end of Will Smith's career.  Photo: Nina Hansen/Dagbladet

Not much more: Dagbladet’s film critic Christopher Bahl believes the Oscar scandal isn’t the end of Will Smith’s career. Photo: Nina Hansen/Dagbladet
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– What does it really mean that it is forbidden now?

– He has already resigned which means he cannot vote on the distribution. Now that he’s banned, he can’t participate in the actual distribution or other Academy-sponsored events. It is still unclear if he can still be nominated for an Academy Award, but he will keep the statuette.

Now, however, many are wondering if this will be the end of Smith’s film career. On the other hand, Bahl insists it is not.

strikes: Will Smith beat comedian Chris Rock at this year’s Academy Awards after Rock made fun of Smith’s wife. Video: AP
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– I’m sure he still wants a film career. You always see that people love a good comeback story. And he played cards well after that. He complained, and now said he accepted the academy’s decision. So he’s a penitent sinner and people like that, says Bahl.

He was shooting the movie “Bad Boys 4”, which was postponed like other projects. But she will likely recover eventually. His image will change, but there are still many who have done far worse things than this, he adds.

– Scandal of the era

When asked if Pahle had seen anything similar to the Oscar scandal, he answered the following:

– It’s really big, we could say it’s entertainment news, but it takes on more meaning outside of it. He’s a minority representative, so there’s little to say there, he says, adding:

Plus, it was filmed live, so now I don’t attend a similar event. This is the scandal of the times.

will Smith: During this year’s Grammy Awards, comedian Nate Bargatz mocks Will Smith after his controversial behavior during the previous Academy Awards. Video: Dagbladet TV / Evan Larsson
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Did you receive a lot of support or feedback?

– I think he was completely divided. My impression is that he got a lot of support at first, but it changed a bit after that. Many supported the human being, but the vast majority disassociated themselves from the act. Even those who may understand it to some degree. Rock music has also been criticized, as has broadcasting itself.

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