Bianca Ingrosso Host Nihitsmorjon: Now TV Viewers Are Angry

Bianca Ingrosso Host Nihitsmorjon: Now TV Viewers Are Angry

Swedish influencer and entrepreneur Bianca Ingrosso, 28, has been in the spotlight since childhood, but it’s only been in recent years that she’s made a name for herself.

– I was not stable

Ingrosso has achieved great success as a reality star and presenter, not least as one of the founders of mining brand Caia, which was founded in 2018.

Since she is always up to date with everything new, it is not surprising that she was included as a guest on the “Morning News” program.

Bianca Ingrosso appeared at ELLE’s summer party and responded to a possible new flirt. Reporter: Jonathan Gathaug Nielsen. Video: Nora Scavhoj
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She was present to talk about the third season of her talk show, which is currently showing on screen. The Swedish woman wrote that her visit to TV4 was not well received by many News24.

The fortune teller massaged the previous man away

The fortune teller massaged the previous man away

And on Nyhetsmorgon’s Instagram profile, it didn’t take long before ugly comments came flooding in from angry viewers. So far, most of them have been removed.

“Oh my god.. can’t you invite someone else?!” one frustrated user wrote.

Another continues: “She’s a bad role model for little girls,” while a third adds: “She’s a bad role model for little girls.”

“What’s wrong with TV4 doing so much advertising for this family?”

Despite the criticism, some defended it, which, according to Nyheter24, led to great discussions in the comments section.

Swedish star Bianca Ingrosso is getting her own docuseries, releasing May 11 on HBO MAX.
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“I don’t understand why so many people are trashing Bianca!!! She’s a sweet, beautiful and fantastically adorable girl. Ignore all the negative comments because she’s just bitter and jealous! Change the channel if it’s not appropriate!!,” one wrote, defending the influencer.

About your ex-lover's new flame: - He started crying

About your ex-lover’s new flame: – He started crying

“For those of you who are complaining and making your unpleasant comments, call and ask SVT if they can start broadcasting ‘Antikrundan’ early for you,” one of them adds.

Bianca Ingrosso has not yet commented on the comments.

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