New study: Researchers yawn:

New study: Researchers yawn:

A new study published in the journal Science sheds new light on what was thought to be known about the earliest humans who migrated to the Americas.

Footprints were found in White Sands National Park in the US state of New Mexico. Using new methods, researchers now claim that the footprints are between 21,000 and 23,000 years old.

The news agency writes AP.

It is said before that the first people came to America 15,000 years ago.

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The footprints were found on the shore of a lake in White Sand National Park.

An attempt was also made to explain this in a research article in the journal Science two years ago. But the new report questions the methodology of the previous report and relies on new evidence.

– This is a topic that has always been controversial, because it is of great importance. “It’s about how we understand the last chapter of the world’s population,” Thomas Urban, an archeology researcher at Cornell University who participated in the 2021 study, told the AP.

– The white sand is unique because there is no doubt that the footprints come from humans, no doubt, says anthropologist and genetic researcher Jennifer Ruff at the University of Kansas, to the news agency.

The Associated Press wrote that Ruff was not involved in the new study.

He sat in the office and cried

He sat in the office and cried

– convinced

Independent geologist Thomas Stafford of the University of Kansas says he was skeptical of this rewriting of history. But the new study convinces him.

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“If there are three completely different ways to refer to the same time period, that is very significant,” he told the Associated Press.

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