This is the way to keep them healthy for longer

This is the way to keep them healthy for longer

Households typically store bananas in a fruit bowl, but this is a no-no for those who want to slow down the ripening process, he wrote pass.

Experts point out that storing bananas next to other fruits will lead to ripening.

– This is something you should not do if you want to keep your bananas fresh longer, say experts.

When you buy bananas at the supermarket, they are usually wrapped in plastic. This should be removed immediately upon your return home.

Experts urge not to leave a whole banana in a plastic bag, especially in a hot kitchen, adding:

“These sweet temptations will rot quickly in hot, humid weather and will be inedible.”

Alternatively, bananas should be stored at 12°C because they ‘ripen faster’ if they are too warm.

A dark room without direct sunlight is “ideal”. A warm kitchen is thus the “worst place” for bananas.

For those who want to store bananas properly, they can definitely store them in the refrigerator. However, they should be ripe when refrigerated, as they “will not ripen further” in cold weather.

And it doesn’t matter if the skin turns brown from the cold, “it won’t affect the taste.”

Although this does not affect the taste, it does make the fruit look less attractive. So, if you are looking for beauty, it is best to avoid the refrigerator to store bananas.

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