Julia Fox: – Make a fuss

Julia Fox: – Make a fuss

Model and actress Julia Fox, 33, isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd, and has appeared numerous times on the front pages for both sexy statements and wild outfits.

He wanted to get him away from Kim

And now the criticism is pouring in after Fox’s latest invention.

There are many ways to dress for festival. Video: The Red Runner
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On Tuesday, Fox appeared at supermodel Naomi Campbell’s (53) PrettyLittleThings show, but it may have been Fox herself who caught the attention.

Reveals: - Bad conscience

Reveals: – Bad conscience

She was wearing a silver bikini that only covered her nipples, and a pair of briefs that she matched with a leather coat.

The fashion show outfits were reported by several media outlets, including in style.

Bold Outfit: Julia Fox is getting compliments and compliments on this outfit.  Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America/Getty Images/AFP/NTB

Bold Outfit: Julia Fox is receiving praise and compliments for this outfit. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America/Getty Images/AFP/NTB
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On X, formerly Twitter, many people were quick to share their opinions on the star’s choice of outfit.

“These guys are so bad at acting that they have to be naked to get attention.” He reads it from the profile.

rubber: British artist Sam Smith’s outfit during the 2023 Brit Awards caused a stir online. Video: Twitter
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And watch Instagram They are tougher.

“Why???,” one user asks under a photo of Fox’s bold outfit.

Another says: “Someone has to stop this woman.”

Swipe on it: - Tone deaf

Swipe on it: – Tone deaf

Another says: “She looks stupid.”

On the other hand, others praised the model, saying that she looks good and that the star seems to be “living her best life.”

In addition to Fox, many other big names made the trip to Campbell’s runway in different, eye-catching outfits, including Emily Ratajkowski, 32.

Campbell herself wore a long, sheer black dress encrusted with rhinestones on the catwalk, InStyle wrote.

About not being afraid

Fox has previously shown that it is not afraid to get the magazine out of its mouth when criticized.

Reverse the people She has previously made it clear that she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions when it comes to fashion.

unique: Actress Emma Korine received praise and compliments for her signature look during tonight’s Emmy Awards. Video: A.B
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– I think it’s about being brave and caring and doing exactly what I want and not caring whether society thinks it’s normal or not. If I think it’s cool, then it’s cool.

Compared to a tampon

Admittedly, this model not only receives criticism but has been praised many times for its brave and creative outfits.

During British Vogue and LusiaViaRoma’s Runway Icons event in Florence, many were surprised when the model hit the red carpet wearing a red sequin dress with pillow-like panels around the hip.

tampon?  Julia Fox has been compared to a bloody tampon.  Photo: Manuel Mangiarotti/Ipa/Pa Photos/NTB

tampon? Julia Fox has been compared to a bloody tampon. Photo: Manuel Mangiarotti/Ipa/Pa Photos/NTB
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Despite the fact that the dress has been compared, among other things, to a bloody stopper, many people have praised the creative outfit.

difficult: Kim Kardashian is known to shock with her outfits, and she was no exception during Paris Fashion Week. Video: YouTube/The Red Runner
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“Looks like prolapse. Icon,” one of her followers wrote Instagram.

“Wow, this is so good,” one follower wrote.

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