Allsang at the border set a new record

Allsang at the border set a new record

For 15 years, Allsang på grensen has led Norwegians to sing from Frederiksten Castle with artists like Carola, Cecil Kirkjebo, Björn Idsvog and Ronan Keating to name a few.

this summer The adventure of singing ends forever after 16 seasonsHowever, this does not mean that the public is less hungry for songs and music for this reason.

Record: Host Catherine Moholt has led Allsang on the border since 2007. Here with host partner Stian Thorbjørnsen during one of this year’s Allsang radio programme. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

During this week’s programme, TV 2’s success set a record number of tickets sold. As many as 7,000 tickets were grabbed for the fifth broadcast last season.

Watch one of Allsang’s most enchanting presentations on the history of the frontier in the video at the top of the box.

Jan Peter Dahl, press director of TV 2, thinks it’s a pleasure that so many people take a trip to one of Allsang’s last border broadcasts.

– It’s so great that we once again fill the castle to the fullest, even last season. Here, every meter is covered by the audience, and that would be a great broadcast, he says.

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After this week’s show, there are three shows left for Allsang på grensen. Post will be sent on August 11th.

Watch Allsang på grensen Thursdays at 9.40 pm on TV 2, whenever you want TV 2 play.

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