Sev Meyer: – There’s nothing between us

Sev Meyer: – There’s nothing between us

In the second season of the reality series “Ex on the Beach”, viewers are introduced to blonde law student Siv Meyer (25) from Stavanger.

After the engagement, she was also seen in the spin-off series “Ex and the City”, but has since taken a small step out of the spotlight to focus on studies and work in Stavanger.

reveals coexistence

Recently, the Se og Hør Reality Awards could reveal that Meyer will leave Stavanger in favor of Oslo, which she will do for artist Kevin Lorraine (35).

– Kevin and I have known each other for a long time. We have a common understanding and respect for each other,” Meyer said at the Se og Hør Reality Awards.

After several weeks together on “71 Degrees North Celebrity,” Caroline Netter and Kevin Lauren got to know each other very well. But did you develop more than just friendship? We asked. Reporter and video: Thea Hope and Nora Schavog/Rod Looper
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– Have a good time

Now, after about a month in the capital, Meyer can say she’s enjoying herself in her new city, but she can sometimes miss “sir” (the name of the person who lives in and/or from Stavanger, newspaper. Note).

– I’m fine at the moment. I’ve wanted to live in Oslo for a long time, but it never worked out like that. Now that I was working here, it was a kind of golden opportunity for me to dare to take the chance of a new home in a new city.

- I will miss her

– I will miss her

– are you scared?

– No, I wasn’t really afraid, but there is something about leaving one’s hometown after so many years. In Stavanger, I know the city inside and out and have my own safe network there, but eventually I’ve made many good and close friends here in Oslo too, Meyer answers, and adds:

Good friends: Kevin Lauren and Siv Meyer recently became cohabitants.  Photo: private/screenshot from Instagram

Good friends: Kevin Lauren and Siv Meyer recently became cohabitants. Photo: private/screenshot from Instagram
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– They were waiting for me to make a move, but they never thought that I would. I’ve been talking about it for years, but never have. Now is the time, and I’m so glad I did. And then there’s a little bit of security in that I have Kevin here as well.

Caroline Netter was a correspondent for the Se og Hør Reality Awards at Universal and was given a warm gift from Erik Sæter, which she chose to pass on to Kevin Lauren. Video: Jenny Emily S
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– That’s how it should stay

Mayer admits that although she and Kevin Lauren are best friends, there is something secure about him living with her.

– If someday things get really crazy, or if things get really bad, I know I have a “safe haven” at home. That alone is enough to give you the confidence to try your hand at different arenas. But I must point out: we are just good friends and that is as it should be.

Veil eases for time spent in prison

Veil eases for time spent in prison

The 26-year-old says she and Lauren have known each other for several years, and she’s no stranger to people who don’t know them speculating as to whether there was any romantic connection between them.

We flashed back to “Tigerstaden” with Linni Meister and Carina Dahl. Reporter: Malin Hogan. Video: Nora Schavog, TV 2 / “Tigerstaden”.
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She just smiles at that:

– Yes, there is nothing between us. We are just best friends. He has his life, I have mine and we deeply respect that. It’s one of the things I really appreciate about our cohabitation.

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