Britney Spears responds after the knife dance

Britney Spears responds after the knife dance

Britney Spears’ (41) Instagram page mostly features topless dance videos that she filmed herself at home in her living room.

Since she was released from conservatorship in 2021, after 13 years, fans have expressed countless times their concern for the star — in part due to the content she’s shared on the platform.

Naked: Britney Spears appears naked on her Instagram account.
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Earlier this week, the 41-year-old shared another dance video, but this time she took it a step further. Wearing boxer shorts and a tiny summer T-shirt, she swings a large steak knife in each hand.

“I started playing with knives in the kitchen today,” she captioned the post.

Reveals: - Bad conscience

Reveals: – Bad conscience

However, in hindsight, it may seem that the “Womanizer” singer internalized fans’ concerns. The police should also be sent for an anxiety check Page six Confirmed.

Bekhterev's new medicine: good results

Bekhterev’s new medicine: good results

Now she says fans have nothing to worry about.

Britney Spears, 41, has reported that one of basketball star Victor Wimbanyama’s security guards was violent. Police believe Spears accidentally hit herself in the face after a security guard pushed her hand away. Video: Twitter. Reporter: Annabel Brun/Dagbladet TV
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“I know I scared you with your last post, but these are fake knives that my team rented from the Hand Prop store in Los Angeles,” she wrote on Instagram Thursday night.

Surprise for the fans: - I can't wait

Surprise for the fans: – I can’t wait

In that post I also danced with knives, but:

-They’re not real knives. No one needs to worry or call the police. “I’m trying to imitate one of my favorite artists, Shakira… a performance that inspired me!!!” she continued, referring to Shakira’s (46) MTV VMA performance earlier this month – where she also danced with knives.

Without thread: Britney Spears caused a stir on Instagram afterward. Video: Luna Lea.
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– Salute to us “bad girls” who are not afraid to cross boundaries and take risks, concluded Spears.

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