Norwegian Daniel with a leading role in the action movie – NRK Culture and Entertainment

Norwegian Daniel with a leading role in the action movie – NRK Culture and Entertainment

Daniel Citizen plays Walker in the action movie ‘The Siege’.

indie movie Inspired by the 80s slasher moviesWork and longing. The genre is a mixture of action and comedy.

In the film, an international hitman must survive the night in a rehab center when a mob storms the building.

The bodybuilder and actor from Mandal has starred in several international films for a number of years.

From the “Siege” recording.

Photo: private

The road there was long and hard.

Two interconnected childhood dreams

Already at a young age, Stisen dreamed of becoming an actor and bodybuilder. In my teenage years, it was training that took the most focus.

– It took all my time. When I grew up, my childhood dream came back.

Daniel Citizen with Saif in Los Angeles

From the documentary P3 – Last Action Hero 2018.

Photo: Lars Andersen

After a long career in bodybuilding, he chose to enter the film industry ten years ago. It happened after an injury during the deadlift tore the muscle.

– I gave him one hundred percent since then.

Now he combines the two, and he’s become a major hero in the B movie world. In addition, he has appeared in minor roles in several international films. Among others are “Paddington 2”, “Jurassic World” and “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”.

– so obviously two childhood dreams are related.

Two years ago, he starred in Last Man Down, an action movie that topped Netflix in seven countries. It was this film that led him to the role of Walker in “The Siege”.

cold recording

The film was shot in the north of England. I presented challenges to Daniel Citizen.

– I agreed with the costume department that I would wear a T-shirt. I didn’t think of photographing us at night until November and December.

Daniel Citizen in the action movie The Siege.

The fact that large portions of the work was done abroad posed challenges. From the movie “The Siege”.

Photo: Highfield Grange Studios

But the experience was completely positive.

– On a movie set, you have a lot of talents around you who are making something together. It’s an amazing experience.

The experience of shooting, jumping off things and fighting brought back my childhood memories.

– It’s a bit like I used to do when I was young, only in a more professional setting.

Action and independent movie star

Henry David Mendoza is the European team manager for STEASEN.

– I am very proud to be able to say that Daniel has become a phenomenon within his genre.

Henry David Mendoza, European Director

Henry David Mendoza worked closely with Daniel Stisen for several years.

Photo: private

He calls this type an adrenaline-pumping male type.

– Strictly speaking, we were completely ecstatic when cinema chains in the US wanted to screen the film.

The movie “The Siege” grossed around NOK 40 million.

– Shows that it is possible to fully stand by the Norwegian film, and the international goal.

– on the right track

Eric Boll, Editor-at-Large Film magazine. It refers to a broader cinema market in the United States that offers more independent films in cinemas.

There is very little risk in showing an independent film in a cinema. The costs are often much lower.

Overseas actors are often caught this way.

Eric Paul, Editor-in-Chief of Filmmagazinet

Paul believes that the film industry in the United States is often looking for a kind of Norwegian.

Photo: Carl August Klevjer/NRK

– I think Daniel Citizen is on his way there.

When Norwegians make a breakthrough abroad, it’s often of a certain kind.

– these are often large, bearded and ragged species. Perhaps this is the merit of Christopher Hivju.

The bull is positive that the type of movement within the indie is also thriving.

– Maybe it’s something that will be brought back to life. Maybe these guys will help bring the genre back to life.

And what does Daniel Citizen himself think of the interest surrounding the film?

– It’s obviously very cool, but that’s not what takes my focus. I do what I think is fun and projects that have potential.

But, he adds, it’s confirmation that something is done right.

– And I got a lot of positive feedback from fans on social media.

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