June 6, 2023


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TIX refutes rumors of DJ Astronaut - VG

TIX refutes rumors of DJ Astronaut – VG

Artist Andreas Haukeland, better known as TIX, has denied he is an astronaut DJ. He still gets a role in Saturday night’s Eurovision Song Contest.


The identity behind the Subwoolfer artists has been secret from the start, but ahead of Tuesday’s first Eurovision semi-final NRK . mentioned It was artist Tex or at least Andreas Hochland who hid behind DJ Austronaut’s mask.

On Tuesday, TIX appeared outside PalaOlimpico in Turin dressed as DJ Astronaut.

VG was among the media who reported the news – And that’s not true now, according to TIX.

right Now forces Is that he has a relationship with Subwoolfer or the song “Give That Wolf a Banana”.

– Since I will be distributing points for Norway this year, I felt I had to approximate the atmosphere of Eurovision, so I spontaneously traveled to Italy to meet the Norwegian delegation. It was fun having so much fanfare about this and showing how committed Norway is to contributing this year.

– In other words, the mystery of who is behind the masks still remains, says the head of the delegation, Stig Carlsen.

NRK says Campaign They “lie down” after the error.

– Yes, here we went directly to the banana peel. We’ve been tricked into thinking it’s real, says NRK Kultur og Editor-in-Chief. Marian Eater Eddy to the site.

Contribute to the final

TIX will read the votes of the Norwegian jury during the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday evening.

– It’s an honorary mission. I may be more nervous about this than my performance at Eurovision last year. We’re talking about 200 million people live, and it’s a very dangerous place, so I really appreciate the trust, says TIX.

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