The Rolling Stones talk about the death of Charlie Watts – VG

The Rolling Stones talk about the death of Charlie Watts - VG
Once again: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on stage in Pittsburgh earlier this week.

The Rolling Stones have lost their usual percussionist since 1962, but have continued to tour without him.

Some Stones fans might have thought that was enough for now, and that the group should retire after Legendary Charlie Watts passed away earlier this fall. The band has lost important members in the past, and continues to do so, although Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are now no longer the original cast.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times Mick Jagger says he doesn’t think there are many who think they should give up.

– Maybe one or two. But there is no movement, he says and explains what it will be like after Watts:

No squad is the same when you lose someone. But the stones are a very flexible ensemble. “We’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the years, and we’ve had a change of band members, which has happened to a lot of bands,” Jagger says.

Video Tribute: The Rolling Stones pay homage to a devoted drummer who passed away on August 25.

He says it’s impossible not to have changes over many years, but stresses that losing Watts is very difficult.

This is perhaps the biggest loss we have. But we felt – and so did Charlie, that we should complete this round. We’ve already postponed it for a year (due to the Corona pandemic today) and Charlie Lee said: You have to get out: the whole crew is out of work, you shouldn’t let that happen again.

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And Charlie Watts had already announced the exact date of this fall’s Concert Series, which began again on September 20, and will arrive in Los Angeles next week. He even referred to replacement Steve Jordan.

He is not afraid of criticism after taking over the drums.

– First, I’ve known Charlie since I was 19 years old. Second, I am just as sorry as any fan for this loss. So no one should tell me anything about this.

The band also recorded new unreleased songs. And they hint strongly that you’ll hear Charlie Watts again.

– Let me put the question this way. You haven’t heard the latest news from Charlie Watts.

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