March 23, 2023


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Watch and listen: Janne Formoe and Jan Fredrik Karlsen break up

It is a well-known fact that actress Jan Formo (47) and Jan Fredrik Carlsen (49) had a long and on-and-off relationship.

Röper Details: – Real embarrassing

In 2018, Se og Hør revealed that the couple had become cohabitants – again, before they got engaged in 2019.

Lindmo: On October 14, there is a premiere of the new film “Jentetur”, where Janne Formoe plays the main role. In “Lindmo” we see her talking about, among other things, expectations for the movie. Video: NRK/Red Runner.
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The couple was set to marry in Mandal, June 2020 – but the Corona pandemic put an end to the plans at that time.

Postpone the wedding

Postpone the wedding

Write now See and hear that wedding plans must be canceled forever, and that the couple has chosen to separate again.

This is the fifth time that the two have decided to end their relationship.

Sweet music: Janne Formoe and Jan Fredrik Karlsen have found their way back to each other for the fifth time. They made no secret of it during Sinkfield’s broadcast on Friday. Video: TV 2
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Moreover, he writes that Formoe and Karlsen are part of friends.

The couple first met during the taping of TV 2 show ‘Senveld’ 19 years ago.

This is how they found their way back to each other

This is how they found their way back to each other

Formoe previously talked about how they got back together in 2018, after several years together and apart.

We were good friends, and that’s who we were meant to be. We are both happy in Sørlandet in the summer, fortunately. I always live in Kristiansand in the summer, and I was supposed to work with Sabeltann there while he was at the cabin at Mandal, she explains and continues:

divided: After the breakup between Caroline Netter and Christian Brynhofvd was real, many wondered what would happen to their onlyfans joint source of income. Here they differ. Reporter and video: Jenny Emily S and Tia Hope/Rod Looper.
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– Then I visited for a while and stopped for a while. Then it didn’t take long. Because when you know each other so well, and we’ve talked long enough, it’s a little like, “Okay, now it’s about driving.” And then we became lovers.

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Spent thousands on a wedding dress - regretted it

Spent thousands on a wedding dress – regretted it

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And the actress was honest that she was ashamed of the situation, saying it had become “a tabloid and embarrassing thing”.

– It was very difficult, and I think it was very shameful. I can have several periods when I can’t control myself, and I can start laughing anywhere, anytime. She told TV show “An Evening at the Klopen” in 2018 at the time, it was strange not being in control, but I was so upset about it all being in vain.

Dagbladet has tried to get a hold of Formoe and Karlsen, to no avail so far.