Great reviews for the latest James Bond release – VG

Great reviews for the latest James Bond release - VG
Good notes: Daniel Craig can enjoy good comments for his last time efforts as James Bond and for the movie. Here on the red carpet before the premiere at Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday.

Daniel Craig and his latest James Bond movie have received rave reviews in most of the British media. “No Time to Die” was shown at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Tuesday evening.


– The movie is just not good. It’s amazing, he writes times The film is awarded five stars.

He was BBC Whoever mentioned this case first and there is no doubt that Daniel Craig is ending his career as 007 agent at the top.

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See the first photo of Bond in Norway

– He’s very present from start to finish – and incredibly thankful for himself, writes The Times.

“No time to die, dir Parts of the movie were filmed in NorwayIt was supposed to premiere on April 3 last year, but was postponed several times due to the pandemic. In Norway, the film will be shown for the first time on October 1.

But enthusiasm is not only “The Times”, Watchman He describes No Time to Die as “epic”.

Film delivers across the board. The newspaper reviewer wrote, it’s just for fun.

Another newspaper is totally enthusiastic telegraph.

– We’ve been waiting for you for a long time now Mr. Bond – We’d love to see you back and write the newspaper reviewer and give No Time To Die five stars.

But not everyone is so excited. independent He thinks the movie disappoints when Time magazine It seems that Daniel Craig’s latest James Bond movie is simply too long.

Two hours and 43 minutes is simply too much, the reviewer writes.

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A new James Bond will be found next year

But the fact that Craig is now gone has been known to the whole world for a long time. With the upcoming film, the action hero took on the role of Bond in five productions. No one knows who will take on the iconic role.

We want Daniel to celebrate this stage. We won’t think about the future until next year, says ‘James Bond’ producer Barbara. in an interview When asked where they are in search of the heir.

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