Bianca Ingrosso spent a huge amount on a Christmas gift:

Bianca Ingrosso spent a huge amount on a Christmas gift:

In November, ELLE's annual gala was held at Sommerro in Oslo. For the second year in a row, Swedish influencer and entrepreneur Bianca Ingrosso (28 years old) appeared to participate in the celebrations.

The 28-year-old is not known for saving money and can reveal details about Dagbladet's money, single life and future plans.

– People cried

-I feel great. I'm wearing a beautiful dress, I'm here with my best friend and I feel so inspired during the day. I'm just having fun, she can say that on the red carpet.

-The most expensive birthday gift I ever bought

Ingrosso does not hide the fact that she has many balls in the air during the day, but she explains that it is also important to create space for celebrations.

– I am in the process of establishing another company, but it is a secret at the moment. It's coming and rolling out slowly but surely, so maybe you'll know more about it next year. There's a lot to deal with during the day – but you have to enjoy life too, she says cryptically to Dagbladet.

Bianca Ingrosso appeared at ELLE's summer party and responded to a possible new flirt. Reporter: Jonathan Gathaug Nielsen. Video: Nora Scavhoj
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It remains to be seen what the new company will be, but before that, it has to pass the Christmas series. Ingrosso, for her part, says the next Christmas celebration will be spent as it always is: at her ancestral home in Nora Lagno in the Stockholm archipelago.

-There we play games and eat food all day long. “We're just enjoying ourselves and taking it easy,” she says.

However, there is something the 28-year-old hopes will be different this holiday season:

-I stalked my ex-boyfriend

-I stalked my ex-boyfriend

-I tend to go a bit overboard with my Christmas gift giving, so I'll try to “relax” a little more this year.

– What is the most expensive gift you have ever bought?

– Chanel bag for my mother. It costs 76,000 NOK. It was expensive, Ingrosso reveals — and grimaces.

-More “hard to get”

The 28-year-old has achieved great success as a reality TV star and presenter of the talk show “Bianca,” and not least as one of the founders of the makeup brand “Kaya Cosmetics,” which was founded in 2018.

relationship: At the Elle party, she met Bianca Ingrosso, Lucas Armando Voila and Lovisa Worge, after which the latter confirmed her Norwegian friend. Reporter: Jenny Emily As. Video: Selena Morkin.
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She also runs the jewelry brand 'Ani Jewels' and recently launched her own clothing brand 'Avora Studio'. In recent years, Ingrosso has been frequently seen in Norway and was therefore also present during the ELLE gala this summer.

The handles that give Marth (42) silky skin

The handles that give Marth (42) silky skin

When asked why it was important to participate in Norwegian events, she responded with the following:

-I love Norway! People are very easy going and fun here. In Sweden, “getting people” can be a little more difficult. On the other hand, everyone here is so much fun, you want to be a part of it.

TV viewers' anger: - Bad role models

TV viewers' anger: – Bad role models

On the love front, it can reveal that love is not fast-paced during the day.

– Unfortunately, I am single. There is no one in particular at the moment. But I love being single, and being secure in my aura and energy. Being in love with myself is the best thing I've ever experienced, so I believe whatever happens will happen. “I'm in no rush,” she says.

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