Film Award – Expression

Film Award – Expression

If a theatrical film and a streaming film are the same thing, why go to the cinema? This is what NRK’s ​​culture commentator is asking when commenting on the controversy over whether the Amanda Prize should only promote movies that are shown on the big screen.

The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) promotes Norwegian film, regardless of where the film is shown. aThat’s why we went in last week Amanda’s off commission.

we We want the National Film Award It should reflect the characteristics of the film rather than the platform that first screens it.

We would like more people to see more films in the cinema, and we think the Broader National Film Award can contribute to that.

By withdrawing from the Film Award Committee, we want to open a broader discussion about what the National Film Award should contain. Our mandate is platform neutral. This has been decided cross politically in Parliament.

in our regulations for publicationWe seem to be offering a grant for the National Film Award to promote the Norwegian film and the film’s standing with the public. Developments in recent years have created a need to assess the extent to which this is met by the pure cinema price.

This situation has been interpreted as either that we choose to broadcast over cinema, or that we generally succumb to the needs of the global broadcasting giants. This is not what we want, nor what we do.

Supported by the Norwegian Film Institute We talked about cinema, and cinema as the arena for showing the first films. Cinema is the most important cultural meeting place for cinema experiences, and one of our most inclusive cultural arenas.

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This is the answer to Hoblestadt’s question. We prefer all films to be shown in cinemas, including those financed through streaming channels.

The Norwegian Film Institute does not grant funding to projects in which streaming operators own all rights. In the European context, NFIs go further in protecting the independent product. In this way, we contribute to strengthening the position of Norwegian producers in negotiations with broadcast operators.

Perfect trader A Norwegian producer is looking forward to a stint in cinemas in Norway. For streaming operators, it is unfortunately rare that the possibility of setting a local price is sufficient to stimulate exposure in the Norwegian film market. It’s a little different when it comes to the Oscars.

The National Film Award must be relevant, create commitment and contribute to the promotion of Norwegian film as a whole. The importance should not only be high for the industry, but also for the public.

When non-food items are set With public funding through our grant programmes, the goal should also be to enhance public interest in Norwegian film, and public understanding that politicians choose to allocate money to Norwegian film.

Then the price should also include the movies the audience is watching, no matter where they happen.

If the population’s relationship with Norwegian films is strong, people are likely to want to see more films, more Norwegian films – and visit the cinema more than twice a year, which is the average for today’s ticket buyers.

Many watching movies and series Several times a week, and the NFI thinks it’s best if they can choose Norwegian – also in the evenings when they’re sitting at home on the sofa.

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The revolution in the field of cinema in recent years means that audiences around the world can access the best content, through subscriptions that they can use from home. In this competing picture, the Norwegian film does a tremendous job!

We should be proud of this, and celebrate success together.

Although the feature film Troll is a historical peak of audience interest in a Norwegian film, With over 100 million plays on Netflix, there are many other examples too.

The success of Norwegian films with streaming services has not yet come at the expense of cinema hits for Norwegian films. After the first eight months of the year, visits to Norwegian films this year are 36 percent higher than in the years before the pandemic.

The Norwegian film is important for cinemas, and we’ll help support that going forward, even if market forces are working in the opposite direction.

Cinemas are now in a position where fewer international films are being released to the market. In order to achieve results for its owners, halls and showtimes are strongly prioritized, in favor of the strongest audience magnet. While smaller titles necessarily get less space.

This is correct As the NRK commentator points out, the Norwegian Film Institute is also interested in those films that will not have a place in cinemas in the future, and which will find their way to the public through the streaming platform. A narrow Norwegian-level film can reach a major international status.

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the film Viking wolf It received fewer than 8,000 hits in Norwegian cinemas last fall, but spent four weeks in the top 10 non-English films worldwide on Netflix. Therefore, films that have had limited success with cinema audiences in the future can still find their audience through streaming channels.

National Film Award should collect everyone film field, who can celebrate their successes together. It should reward art and craft, regardless of the form of distribution. In front of an audience that loves and watches Norwegian films.

And we would like to have discussions about the form in which this should be done openly with a wide cinematic field, and an opinion that cares about the film. Not in a closed film award committee.

This is why we withdrew From Amanda Commission. Because the movie is better when you watch it.

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