Zac Efron, celebrity | Zac Efron breaks silence on surgery rumors

It’s no secret that most Hollywood stars do what they can to maintain their looks. It is also not uncommon for many people to have their appearance repaired in the form of Botox or cosmetic surgery.

But not all celebrities actually work, but actor Zac Efron (34) has been accused of doing so. Since he broke out into the film industry, he has been considered one of Hollywood’s most handsome men.

But just over a year ago, several people rolled their eyes when Efron appeared in a video, almost unrecognizable. It didn’t take long for rumors of plastic surgery to spread.

He fainted in plain sight

On the occasion of Earth Day last year it was The 34-year-old participated in one of the campaigns To spread awareness about the topic. But it was not the message of the clip that was noticed by viewers, but the appearance of the actor.

Many took to social media as many were convinced that Efron had been hit with the knife as his cheeks and jaw looked very swollen.

What did f**k do? Botox? Fillers? One worried fan wrote Twitter After the promotional video is released.

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After more than a year of speculation, Efron has now spoken out about the rumors for the first time. to the magazine men’s health He denies the claim that he had plastic surgery, and reveals that the reason for his change of face was because his jaw was broken.

According to the actor, he broke his jaw when he was running around his house wearing socks and it slipped.

He also says he lost consciousness after falling and hitting his jaw on a granite bench. The only thing he remembered when he woke up again was that his jawbone was hanging from his face.

suffered injuries

So the High School Musical star didn’t have the plastic surgery many expected, but he did spend a lot of time with a physiotherapist to treat his fractured jaw.

According to a recent interview, it was some damaged facial muscles that caused Efron’s face to appear so swollen in the “Earth Day” video from last April.

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The actor’s chewing muscles underwent surgery after the accident, and these muscles usually work with other facial muscles. But for Efron, it was the jaw muscles that should compensate for the non-working masticatory muscles.

“The chewing muscles have grown, and they are getting really big,” Efron explained to the magazine.

Avoid rumors

When he was 18 years old, Efron made a big breakthrough in 2006 with the movie series High School Musical. Stardom landed him almost overnight, and it seemed like everyone wanted a piece of the youngster.

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In the years that followed, he made a name for himself in several popular teen movies, including “Hairspray” and “17 Again.” As one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, you can’t avoid rumors, but according to Efron, he tends to avoid such things.

He adds that he likes to use social media, but only as a promotional tool for the projects he is involved in. His social media habits stop there, he says.

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But when rumors of plastic surgery began to circulate, which coincidentally earned the nickname #JawGate on Twitter, it became difficult for the 34-year-old to escape.

Efron eventually discovered the rumors of the operation, and the messenger was none other than his mother.

The 34-year-old reveals that the rumors spread so much that his mother called to ask if it was really true that he had the knife and surgery, which he was able to reassure her that it wasn’t true.

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