Debate, decriminalization | Decriminalization does not slow the illegal drug market

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Olaf Rohm (Young left) claims in his OA article on September 8 that decriminalizing the drugs will reduce the number of overdoses. The legal prohibition is believed to cause overdose. It is reported that about 269 people die annually from an overdose in Norway. That’s true, but what he doesn’t mention is that more than half of those die from legally prescribed opioid pain relievers (morphine). So decriminalization will not affect the lethal effect of opioids. It’s the drug’s effects that claim lives, not that it’s illegal.

Rohm quite rightly believes that we must control the illegal market. I totally agree with him on this, however, there is no reason to claim that Solberg’s drug management system reform should have controlled this. A waiver of criminal penalties, on the contrary, will make possession “legal”, and the amount of naturally circulating drugs will increase, and not decrease as a result.

California was one of the first states to legalize cannabis. Today, two-thirds of the sales volume is still illegal.

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