Corona, Nordry Follow | Well, you can download free quick tests here, but these are certain criteria

Corona, Nordry Follow |  Well, you can download free quick tests here, but these are certain criteria

Here’s all the information on how to run free speed tests in Nordre Follo.

Nordry Follow: Do you need to test yourself and want a quick test? Nordre Follo municipality is now distributing tests to certain groups in several places, at the same time remembering the new rules for unvaccinated close contacts from 17 November.

The following people undergo rapid tests:

  • People with respiratory symptoms, were also vaccinated.
  • Family members and close contacts of an infected person.

It’s important that you don’t order more tests than you need, so we have enough for everyone who needs to be tested.

If you yourself are sick or develop symptoms of Covid-19, you should get someone else to get tested. If you don’t have one to pick it up for you, you can take a test at the test station in Langhuset, not the other two pickup points below, The municipality writes on its website. Østlandets Blad publishes this information.

Quick tests can be downloaded from the following sites:

  • Test station in Langhuset, Monday to Saturday, at 08:00-14:45, Sunday, at 09.00 – 15.45. Address: Gamle vevelstadvei 34, Langhus.
  • Inbygertorget at Nordre Follo City Hall, Monday through Friday, at 08.30-15.15. Address: Idrettsveien 8, Ski.
  • OMA Second-hand store in Kolbotn Torg, Mon-Sat, 10.00-19.00. Address: Strandliveien 4, Kolbotten.

People who are not in a priority group, but still want to get tested, can buy express tests at pharmacies and in some stores. You have to pay for the tests yourself.

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New rules for non-vulnerable docs

Starting Wednesday, November 17, all non-immunized contacts who live with infected people and similar relatives must be screened. This is true even if she is asymptomatic.

This duty applies to all unvaccinated contacts over the age of 18. It should be tested every day for a week with a self-test, or every other day with a PCR test. It is recommended to take two tests in the same period.

It is recommended that all close contacts remain at home until there is a negative answer to the first test. People under the age of 18 are advised to get tested if they have been in close contact with an infected person in the same household, but are not required to do so.

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