Robert Michael Scott from The Farm

Robert Michael Scott from The Farm

Robert Michael Scott became a TikTok legend (55) owned by almost everyone then His participation in two seasons of TV 2 “Farmen”.and many have allowed themselves to be very excited by Breial Bergenser.

Now the unusual happy boy tells about the unknown nightmare that happened on the homeland – before participating in this year’s farm adventure season.

Exit: Gunnar Svengen and Robert Scott met in a duel on Sunday’s episode of The Farm. Video: Red Runner / TV 2
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A few days before he entered the reality show, doctors discovered a tumor in the head of his 50-year-old wife, Beat Gullaksen. She received the depressing message on her fiftieth birthday, and what would have been a fun day of celebration soon turned into endless despair.

He was transferred to the emergency department

The couple told Dagbladet that they lived in uncertainty for a long time about whether the tumor was benign or malignant, and they talked about the worrying period that weighed on them.

“I’ve been pretty dizzy for a while, and when my vision started to falter, it was time to go for a trip to the doctor,” Gullaksen says.

Furthermore, she adds, doctors sent her directly to the emergency department at Haukeland Unitersittssykehus and took an MRI of her head.

I was told they found something that shouldn’t be there, but at the time, they couldn’t tell if it was a benign or malignant tumor, Julaxen explains.

Marry Well: Beate Gullaksen and Robert Michael Scott have been rigged with Hymen chains for over 29 years.  Photo: private

Marry Well: Beate Gullaksen and Robert Michael Scott have been rigged with Hymen chains for over 29 years. Photo: private
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Her husband, Robert Scott, agrees, and says it was a difficult emotional time for the family.

– When we got an answer that they found something – No, I started crying. Then I felt compelled to go out for a walk. I tried to be strong and tell her that this would be fine, but I knew that if it turns out to be cancer, it’s a death sentence, no matter what other people think. I had family members who had to lose due to illness, so I was really terrified.

Fallen Angels: Thomas Felberg talks about his deceased grandmother and “Varmin as Gendis.” Video: TV2 / NTB / Privat / Anders Grønneberg
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clearly marked

Scott reveals that the outcome of the tumor was still unclear when he participated in the reality show, but he praised the production for giving updates along the way when his wife failed to do the same.

– I was told I should call production as soon as I knew something, but I didn’t – so I wandered and worried there for weeks, says Gullaksen.

The pair dodges by saying he thinks nothing new is good news, but adds that it was a concern he always had on his mind, and marked his stay this year’s season.

We now know the tumor is benign, but he didn’t know it when he was there. We have been told that we have to look into the situation to see if this is something I can live with, or if it should be removed.

February 2021: A number of videos and photos on social media of a party with former participants of “Varmin” sparked reactions.
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Received a death letter during registration

Viewers have seen several Dramatic moments during this year’s “The Farm” seasonAnd, for Scott, there’s one incident in particular he can’t leave behind.

– The production came to us and said they had bad news. I immediately thought there was something wrong with Beate and began to feel the same way I did when my brothers passed away. All this goes through my head as he takes auspiciousness. At first I thought she wanted to retire – until I saw her face. She had seen a face like this before and knew right away that she had lost someone she loved.

The incident that Scott was referring to is when the production of “The Farm” had to break into to take the contestant Maimouna Muhammad steps aside to tell her of her father’s sudden and brutal death.

Viewers witnessed the dramatic death message during Tuesday’s episode – an episode that contains probably the most powerful scenes ever played in The Farm’s long history.

death letter: Maimouna withdraws from the “Mazraa” after learning of her father’s death. Photos: TV 2. Video: Red Runner.
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Weeping and visibly moved, Mohamed returns to the farm to say goodbye to the remaining contestants, and in a heartbreaking scene, Mohamed tells her that she has lost her father, while contestants Mattia Fris (22) and Ivana Merrick (28) give her a heartfelt hug as they try to comfort her.

– Sets things straight

Despite many reacting to the camera crew’s portrayal of the powerful scenes, Scott believes he thought it was the right choice.

There were two contestants who weren’t thrilled about it. Although it is a game, it is a reality. There are real events and real feelings. It also sets the record straight there. Mimouna had to agree to everything, and we could talk to the psychiatrist for as long as we wanted.

Scott adds that he has no problem with them depicting true feelings, as long as Maymona has to decide what will come out.

Antipac: Coffee and antibiotics can be harsh, according to “Farmin” co-author Karianne Vilde Wølner. Video: Thea Hope. Pieces: Ingebjørg Iversen / Se og Hør
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– I understand it’s something special and hurtful – but it’s 2022. There’s almost nothing special anymore. It is up to each individual to share what they want. That whole episode was up to Maymona, and if it was okay with her, then it was fine with me.

Dagbladet is in contact with the press officer for “The Farm”, Havard Solim, who confirms that everything related to this episode was done in consultation with Maimouna Muhammad.

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