Biden is Trump’s butcher

Biden is Trump's butcher

President Biden criticized Trump’s handling of the January 6 riots, calling them a “medieval hell.”

He praises the police forces present at the scene, but hammers in former President Trump.

The defeated president watched it all while comfortably seated in his dining room next to the Oval Office. While doing so, the brave police officers were subjected to a “medieval inferno” for three hours. Blood was dripping and they were surrounded by chaos. Biden said Trump lacked the courage to act.

five died

five people He died in the riots, while an unknown number of people were injured, including at least 138 police officers.

Last week, more details about the storming of the Capitol became known.

to me Watchman Many other media outlets believed that many of Vice President Mike Pence’s bodyguards would die.

Many were said to have called their relatives to say goodbye, according to an anonymous witness at congressional hearings on Thursday last week. The witness is a national security official.

fear for life

The target of the break-in is said to have been Vice President Pence, who was instigated by Trump in his recent speech. Pence was responsible for certifying the votes after the 2020 election.

– Many people began to fear for their lives at this time. During the hearing last week, the witness stated that there was a lot of shouting and a lot of personal conversations over the radio.

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The person describes the whole thing as annoying, and says it was chaotic circumstances. Pence and his bodyguards eventually reached safety.

The commission decided that the intrusion was the president’s last attempt to stop the election results. The committee also concluded that Trump did nothing to stop the 187-minute attack.

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