Bitter loss in the local settlement/cliff

Bitter loss in the local settlement/cliff

Photo: Helgi N. Olsen

An early goal from the away team already after two minutes of play determined where the three points ended for the day. A header into the goal from an early IK Start attack was the only pure sensation of the day. A match marked by the commitment of the fans, the temperature in the stadium and many goal opportunities.

The referee had barely started the match before IK Start took their first chance and put the ball safely into the goal. Today’s Wolverine players of choice roll up their sleeves, turn on the turbo and safely make their way into the game. This leads to a lot of play in both halves of the pitch. We stayed composed and made nice transitions several times in the first half. We had a couple of chances on goal, but couldn’t make the breakthrough and went into the break with the score 0-1 to the visitors.

In the second half, the team continued to work cohesively and exploit spaces in attack. In many cases, we succeed well at this, but we only come up with “almost” opportunities. The away team also puts in some good attacks, but Øvretveit is strong and closes the cage. 6 minutes will be added to the second half. This ignited new hope for Jerv’s committed supporters. Once again, they moved the team up and created a few goal-threatening chances so well that the entire team’s fans stood up!

In general, the match also features some pushing and yellow cards, which is not surprising in a local match like this. IK Start’s goal two minutes later was the only score of the game on Saturday night.

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It didn’t work out today and the game ended in three points in Kristiansand. We thank the fans for the good atmosphere.

We will come back stronger!

Switch player:

64′ Sandberg comes out, Kohli comes in.

64′ Hustad out, diabetic in.

69′ Larrad comes out, Andersen comes in.

78′ Brenden comes off, Ogland comes on.

Yellow cards:

25′ to Arad

57′ Wakin

86′ Pedro

House 90 + 5 inches

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