Bø municipality does not have a mobile network – NRK Nordland

Bø municipality does not have a mobile network – NRK Nordland

– 90 percent of Bø municipality is without a mobile network, says Mayor Sture Pedersen (H).

The message about the error was recorded at around 16.30 on Thursday afternoon. Eight of the ten base stations on Bø are out of service.

The breach affected, among other things, security alerts in the municipality. When the mobile network is down, the response service will not be notified if someone needs help.

However, the mayor believes the situation is under control.

We have implemented health personnel physically driving to the homes of those with security alarms. It has worked very well.

– We have focused on life and health and we believe we have complete control over that, both in terms of people needing medical attention and security alarms, of which there are few in the municipality.

Bø municipality has implemented crisis staff and mobilized a number of measures. One of the measures is to open a nursing home in Bohemian.

– Anyone who cannot be contacted by phone can visit the nursing home, which is staffed by health care staff, at night.

Bø municipality without coverage
Photo: Telenor

The municipality will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow morning to find out the way forward, if they are still without mobile network.

Pedersen states that shops are unable to stay open due to the hack.

Telenor is working on Tuesday evening to find and correct the bug.

Start debugging

At about 9:30 pm Telenor employees came to Stokmarknes in the neighboring municipality of Hadsel to start troubleshooting there.

– Either the bug is there, across the lake, or in Bø. But we have to start somewhere. Hopefully the bug is in Stokmarknes, but if it isn’t there, it could take a while, says Bjørn Amundsen, Head of Coverage at Telenor.

The malfunction affects the mobile network in the entire municipality, with the exception of Guvåg and Rambergan. However, broadband is on, so it’s possible to make calls over wifi.

– Since we haven’t found where the break is, it’s hard to say anything about when it will happen again. At best during the night, at worst it takes longer.

The mayor of Bo, Sture Pedersen, clearly says it is not sustainable for municipalities to be at risk in 2023.

This is not sustainable. We are more at risk than I realized. I almost feel that the copper grille was stronger than what we have now. We have to make the most of it. But he says it could be more dangerous again than it is now.

– We are crossing our fingers in finding the bug and having it fixed. It will be very important. Otherwise, we’ll be on our guard all night.

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