debate, leader | Yes, thanks to renewable energy

debate, leader |  Yes, thanks to renewable energy

Lear This is a leader. The leader expresses the position of the newspaper.

Norway in In normal years self-sufficiency of electricity. The large-scale development of hydropower has ensured us clean and renewable electricity all year round. But the developments had a cost that was discussed primarily in individual cases: the consequences for nature and wildlife.

Then the Minister of Oil and Energy Terje Lien Aasland recently visited Fagernes, and answered a politician’s question about developing more renewable energy: “We must of course take care of nature, while at the same time working hard every day to ensure that the country has access to more and more renewable energy.” The minister believes that wind energy is a great contribution when the price of electricity is cheap and more energy is needed if Norway is to reach the goal in the green transition. The problem for central and local politicians is that any development of nature will necessarily lead to negative consequences for the area in which it is developed.

the question is Just where it will be built. At the Labor Party’s so-called “show window” – Ardal – the hottest debate of the moment is about whether or not wind turbines should be built in the mountains. The Ardal debate thus joins most other debates about wind power in recent years. Politicians, developers and the business community are positive. Hello. Olsen Renewables and Hydro are now vying for the politicians’ favor in order to build.

NVE delivery In 2019 report on the best wind energy development opportunity. Three regions affecting Valdres municipalities were investigated, but none of them were placed on NVE’s list of 13 priority regions for wind energy development. One of the areas that NVE looked into was specifically Filefjell/Tyin. Årdals region such as Hydro and Fred. Olsen is now racing for development, and falls within what NVE looked at in 2017-2019.

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many of Wind power projects have been very controversial. At the same time, Aasland is right: Norway needs more renewable energy – regardless of whether the continental shelf is electrified or not. The previous government announced the development of data centers as an area of ​​focus. The current government will also invest in developing battery factories.

Both parts It requires a lot of energy, but it will be no matter where the factories and centers are located in the world. When there is a greater power struggle, prices increase. If more renewable energy is not developed, electricity for new energy-demanding industries will lead to an increase in electricity imports, with higher electricity prices. In this way, the development of the data center in Hamar and the battery plant in Arendal will affect electricity prices for single households.

It is not possible To develop a new industry, and at the same time not to develop new renewable energy. But how and where development will begin, when a ‘not in my backyard’ mentality prevails and at the same time the consequences for nature and wildlife must be considered, is highly uncertain. It will be a pain in the ass for local and central politicians in the years to come.

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