Focuses on Digital Background Check –

Focuses on Digital Background Check –

Many of them have to do a background check for people to be hired or hired. This applies to many areas where it must be determined whether testimonials are valid or whether people are what they say and if they have something associated with them.

This is a big industry, and about 4,500 companies operate with all kinds of background checks. But in Norway, Rightperson has simplified the process of collecting and digitizing this information. They can check testimonials and references, perform credit checks and police certificates.

As strange as it may sound, controls like these are something most people go through with rabbit feet. But Rightperson has developed a program based on artificial intelligence that makes it very difficult to obtain a fake degree.

The market is large, and the business community urgently needs to verify the information of the candidates.

Today we’re talking with the head of the oath, Espen Ayn.

Technically: Moberg & Valmot

Odd Richard Valmot and Jan M. Moberg.

Jan M Mauberge And I want Richard Valmout At Teknisk Ukeblad, they are both civil engineers with a strong technology background. Every week they talk about current tech topics on the TU . podcast Technically speaking.

Usually, technically, it’s posted every Thursday afternoon.

Electric car – technically

TU has also started a podcast about electric cars. Electric vehicle – technically, it is usually published every tuesday afternoon, available as a pure audio and video recording at

Here you’ll find an electric car – technically speaking:

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