Accidents and Accidents Promondal | I spotted a runaway calf via a drone

Accidents and Accidents Promondal |  I spotted a runaway calf via a drone

In connection with the barn fire at Narudvegen in Brumunddal, which broke out on Friday night, the police eventually sent in a drone to take pictures of the fire site from above, as part of the investigation into the cause of the fire.

Suddenly, a few hundred meters from the farm, the drone operator spots a calf that grabbed its hooves and ran away because of the animals being evacuated from the pen.

As for the director of police duties, Therese Hoff-Beltrude, Ringsaker Bled earlier on Friday reported that some animals may have fled the scene when they were evacuated.

“Trails were seen going north into the woods, tracks were seen going south,” she said, asking people who might have seen runaway cattle to report them.

– All goes well

Immediately after the calf was noticed, firefighters Nes Bjørn Erik Nordby and Ståle Westby were taken in a police car to the place where the property is located.

According to Westby, the inhabitants there had already gained control of the calf and attached it to a dog leash when they arrived.

The duo and the police loaded the calf into the back of the police car, followed by the firefighters. With Nsining’s hands clasped around the calf behind the police car, it was driven back to the farm.

“We don’t have every day two firefighters and hurry in the car with us,” writes the police in Inlandt on their Facebook page, where the photo was first posted.

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Westby describes that the calf took everything quite calmly.

How was the car trip?

– It went well, he says to RB.

– I hope it goes well with most of them

All this has become a small story in a larger tragedy.

On Friday morning at 10 o’clock, the veterinarian Birgitta Plowmann confirmed, that at that time four calves and two cows were killed as a result of the fire in the barn, about 90 cattle were killed.

In addition, two calves died as a result of the fire, she said.

Other animals will be examined in the near future.

Work will be carried out on Friday and Saturday. Animals with breathing difficulties will be euthanized, Plowman said, but we hope most will be OK.

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