Trump’s tax return has been published

Trump’s tax return has been published

Former US President Donald Trump’s tax returns were released on Friday. Now journalists have to read thousands of documents.

A US congressional committee decided that Donald Trump’s tax returns should be made public. The staff here is taking documents out of the conference room.

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A congressional committee has published Trump’s tax returns for the years 2015-2020.

Democrats on the committee had access to Trump’s tax returns for a limited time. They came up with a couple of fairly short ones reports About what they found before I posted today.

Now it is up to journalists around the world to read the documents. The American media reported that they are studying condensed materials in full swing.

The publication comes after the US House of Representatives Budget Committee voted to release the former president’s tax returns. Some sensitive personal information has been edited. Trump, of course, is angry. In a statement on Friday, he said:

Democrats never should have done this, the Supreme Court should never have agreed to it, and it would do terrible things for a lot of people.
Extremists and left-wing democrats have made it possible, but remember, it’s a dangerous two-way street!

According to the Associated Press, the former president also said that this “shows once again how successful I have been and how I have been able to create thousands of jobs.”

It was previously known that Trump paid $1.1 million in taxes in three of his years in the White House, but almost nothing in the other two years.

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A year of tug-of-war

The disclosure marks the end of a year-long political and legal war over access to Trump’s finances. The former president fought to have information he provided to the tax authorities kept secret.

The announcement comes ahead of Trump’s Republican party winning the majority in the House of Representatives starting in the new year. So they will run the committees. Then they can stop the ongoing investigations and start their own.

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