– Both are treated as baggage – VG

- Both are treated as baggage - VG
Exhausted: Jan Gro, 40, is overwhelmed with anxiety after being reviewed by Michael J. Fox himself in the New York Times this week.

Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox reviewed Jean Grou’s book “I Live A Life Like Theirs” for the New York Times.

In a major review in New York times The famous actor praised the book, which was published in English this week – the same week that Jan Groh (40) in Norway came up with his new book “If I Fall”.

Well timed by the New York Times, so to speak, author Jean Grou laughs on the phone.

– But it is simply difficult to be reviewed in the New York Times. Grue says it’s something I may have dreamed of, but something I’ve never been able to achieve.

Michael J Fox Play Affected by Parkinson’s disease In 1991, while Jean Grou was writing about his life with congenital muscular disease.

Recognize: Michael J. Fox, known from films like “Back to the Future” and TV series like “Spin City,” “The Good Wife,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” wrote in the New York Times that he and Jean Grue lead similar lives.

J. Fox draws many parallels with his own life and praises the Norwegian author for providing valuable insights that “resonate long after I finish reading the memoir”.

“This is a difficult and difficult story, one that was certainly difficult to write – and sometimes even hard to read. But it was worth it. Behind the veil of a disabled person, he shares valuable insights into the human condition.”

And pay attention to this man behind the curtain: he has many in mind, » J. Fox writes in the review.

Grue thinks it’s cute and heartbreaking at the same time the famous actor is getting to know himself.

– What makes my strongest impression is that although our lives are different, we have exactly the same experience when it comes to, say, handling luggage, and as a load – when we go out and fly in a wheelchair.

“Nobody listens to baggage,” J Fox wrote.

“Despite being a world-renowned actor, the wheelchair is the most obvious that defines how you are seen,” says Grue who says Michael J. Fox is absolutely right that it was hard to write.

Won Award: Jan Grue’s book “I Live A Life Like Theirs” was nominated for a Scandinavian Council of Literature Award – and won the 2018 Critics’ Award (pictured). Grue works daily as a researcher in the Department of Sociology at Blindern.

It was a book that I didn’t allow myself to write until I became “successful.” Only when I had an education, a job, a wife, and children, did I dare say these things out loud. I had to show that I was valuable, before I dared to speak of weakness. I think many have tried this, says Grue.

Jan Grou’s book “I Live A Life Like Theirs” was published in Norwegian three years ago and is now Nominated for the Literary Award of the Scandinavian Council 2018 – and received the Critics’ Award in the same year. Norwegian critics praised the book – who wrote, among other things, a “masterpiece of one’s life.”

Three years later, the book was published by one of the most famous publishing houses in America, FSG.

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– When I read the review in the New York Times, I think it’s good that the appreciation element is so strong. It provides a good appreciation for solidarity – which is important when it comes to people with disabilities. Because the vulnerability felt by many disabled people can be an obstacle to solidarity.

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“I myself for a long time refused to define myself as a disabled person, it was a long process over several decades to come here, says Gru.

Now he’s exploring this further in the new book, If You Fall, to be published this week.

It is loosely estimated that there are 1 billion disabled people in the world. Of course, there are people in very different situations in life, but it’s still something that connects many of us to one another.

– That’s “something” I’m trying to write about. It’s still a personal story, but this time I’m trying to communicate more politically and on a larger scale. Grue says the most important thing to achieve is having a community here – which not many are aware of or afraid to be a part of.

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