Brathin’s effect on the support: – It’s very strong

Brathin’s effect on the support: – It’s very strong

On Tuesday, Daniel Tandy jumped again for the first time after the accident. Clas Brede Bråthen was in place, and was asked about the ongoing conflict with the Ski Association.

He wanted to talk about Tandy first and foremost, but he made it clear in words what it means to be supported by the national team recently.

– It’s hard to describe in words. It’s very strong, says the engraved Bråthen.

I think everyone understands that being appreciated by the people you respect the most and the people who mean the most to you, is in many ways what is important in this life. That’s why I’m here too, to look at Daniel and try to hope that it all starts out as we all hope, explains Bråthen.

– How was the experience that your case became public?

– No, of course I think it would have been better for all parties if there had been no case at all. When it becomes what it has become, we can just move on. Then we can hope that the result will be that he will be the best skateboarders of today and skateboarders of the future. There’s nothing else I have to say in this context, really.

Brathin was also asked if it would be possible for him to continue as sporting director after the recent turmoil.

– I’m still enjoying my ski jump time, me. There are no other places in the world where I feel better than snowboarding, says Prathen.

– Now it’s not that it happened yesterday then. I’ve always had interesting discussions and been on new processes moving forward. This has always led to the sport of jumping and going forward. We are where we are now as a result of being a gang that somehow takes the necessary fights. Then he takes us further, and we’re still a very tight-knit gang in the sport of jumping. And this is the sport of jumping that I love, and it is the sport that I work for. There are no limits to what I want to do in the sport of jumping, the jump coach continues.

– Could that make it difficult for you to work with her?

– Others must answer that.

Brathen says he has tried to talk to the Norwegian Ski Association to resolve the dispute.

– I’ve tried it all the time. History will show it. We did everything we could to ensure this issue was resolved in a different way than we are now.

Case is updated!

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