Brazil: Jair Bolzano nominates best evangelical candidate for Supreme Court

President of Brazil Jair Bolzano Evangelist Andre Mentonia has been nominated for a vacant seat on the Brazilian Supreme Court. This emerged from an official press release. The 48-year-old federal prosecutor and former justice minister will succeed retired Judge Marco Aurelio Mello. The Senate majority has not yet approved Montonia’s appointment.

Andre Mentonia thanked God on Twitter. He also thanked his family, Jair Bolsanaro, and evangelical supporters. “God bless our country,” he wrote.

Bolzano said one of the two judges eligible to be appointed to him in 2019 would be a “terrible evangelist.” Last year he was surprised to be recommended for moderate Catholic Gosio Nunes. As United States After the death of the liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg There was even Brazil A conservative-religious profession was expected.

Bolzano also announced that he could nominate an evangelist for the next vacancy in the Supreme Court. He recently called Mentonia “best” actors. The forensic pathologist is an evangelist in the capital, Brasilia. The radical Conservative evangelical movements imported from the United States are gaining more and more influence in politics and society in the largest country. Latin America.

The number of evangelists is increasing

As the Catholic Church loses its influence, more and more Brazilians are joining free churches. It was 26 million in the 2000 census, and ten years later it was 46 million – 22 percent of the population. Thirty percent of Brazilians are now likely to be evangelizers.

Religion plays an important role in Brazil anyway, but the faith of evangelicals is often more fundamentalist than that of Catholics. Many free churches have money and political influence through their members.

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Has to Bolzano Evangelists as a voting group Specifically addressed: The Catholic was baptized in Jordan with a high public profile, and he preached the gospel in his sermons. By his rejection of homosexual attitudes, same-sex marriages and abortions, he serves their attitudes.

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