January 30, 2023


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Britney Spears' guardianship has been revoked

Britney Spears’ guardianship has been revoked

Using flags, cut-outs and stickers, fans and the Free Britney movement can finally celebrate outside the Stanley Mosque district court in Los Angeles.

Today came the message both of them and Britney Spears have been waiting for: Guardianship is over and Britney is a free woman. It’s reports The New York Times.

Best day ever, she wrote in an Instagram post showing fans celebrating the decision.

When Spears testified in court on Friday, she began by saying that she wanted her life back. No one in court objected to the termination of the guardianship.

The judge chose to terminate guardianship with immediate effect, thus Britney Spears was freed after nearly 14 years under guardianship.

is expected

In September, it became clear that her father, Jamie Spears, had been removed from the entire scheme after he had served as his daughter’s guardian since 2008.

It was clear that Britney herself had high expectations for the day. Earlier today, fiancé Sam Asgari shared a video on Instagram where Britney is dancing in a T-shirt with the caption #freebritney.

Under the title: “It is a human rights movement.”

Support: Fans gathered outside the Stanley Mosque District Court for the hearing. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

two commandments

Britney has been subject to two wills all along – one for the economy and one for her privacy. In 2019, Jodi Montgomery took over as guardian of Britney’s private affairs, while her father continued to control finances and property until September of this year.

When the father was removed from the scheme, Britney was given a temporary guardian in accountant John Zabel. It was suggested by Britney’s lawyer, Matthew Rosengart. He said this about guardianship:

– This tutelage was destroyed by James S. Spears, according to TMZ.

Pink Tree: Some fans brought out a pink #freebritney Christmas tree for the occasion.  Photo: Chris Bezello

Pink Tree: Some fans brought out a pink #freebritney Christmas tree for the occasion. Photo: Chris Bezello

Now both guardianship cases have been discontinued, and Britney can once again decide for herself about the assets and what she will spend her free time on.

A source close to Spears said, “Britney is so excited to embrace her complete freedom.” Khateeb, Sam Asgari, to me and news.

– She wants a new life with Sam and wants to make many changes, and is looking forward to moving on and ending this chapter of her life, says the source.

Through the numerous hearings and tours of the court system, many details have come to light since Britney was under the tutelage of her father.

He allegedly watched his daughter and forced her to act.

Celebrities respond

Comments under Britney’s Instagram video are pouring in.

May the blessings continue to come for you! And nothing but joy, love and peace from now on, singer Missy Elliott wrote in the comments section.

Celebrities also expressed their happiness with the news on Twitter.

Artist Cyndi Lauper writes “Congratulations,” and fashion designer Vera Wang writes, “Freedom. So happy for you!.” Cher doesn’t skimp on the emoji in her post where she writes: “It’s free.”

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