Car of the Year voted –

Car of the Year voted –

Christian spirit: – Incredibly good experience. Interest has been intense in the new Renault Scenic E-Tech.

This is what Sales Director Tom Goettel said at Motor Forum Kristiansand after showcasing the new Renault Scenic E-Tech electric car at the motor show in Lillestrom recently. Goettel also described it as Renault's most important car for a very long time.

Its receipt this week of the European Car of the Year title, in a tough battle with the BMW 5 Series, means a further boost for the spacious electric car that impresses in terms of price, space and not least range, which is said to be more than 60 miles in the version with the largest package. battery.

It's called a price bomb

It was announced during the opening of the Geneva Motor Show that the Renault Scenic E-Tech won the European Car of the Year award. The car was well received in Norway, and was dubbed a “price bomb” and a “range winner”. The family car, as Gøytil refers to it, starts at around NOK 370,000. Then you get a battery pack of at least 60 kWh and a mileage of about 43 miles.

– But we think the Tecno version with an 87 kWh battery and a range of more than 62 miles will be the best seller. This range in terms of price is matched by few or no competitors, confirms the sales director at Motor Forum. The price for this is around 440,000 NOK.

Extreme interest

TV2/Broom writes that the selection of European Car of the Year dates back to 1964. Since then, it has been much debated and talked about, and at least highly regarded by the carmakers that made it to the top. .

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To TV2/Broom, Roger Andersen, Renault Norge's PR and Marketing Director, said the award was great news and great recognition for the car.

– After the Norwegian launch at the eCarExpo in Lillestrom, where we showed off the car and showed prices, interest almost exploded. We have never seen so many inquiries before dealers receive their cars. Andersen told the channel that this will happen within the next few months, after which driving tests can be carried out.

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