Defense chief before Nordic response: – We should be concerned

Defense chief before Nordic response: – We should be concerned

– We should be concerned about developments in the world. We have Russia going in the wrong direction and at war with its neighbor.

This was stated by Chief of Defense Erik Christophersen Television 2.

He emphasizes that there is no immediate risk of war against any NATO country, but emphasizes the importance of showing strength and unity to prevent anyone from challenging us.

On Sunday, the Nordic Response military exercise began, which will continue until March 14 in Trams and Finnmark.

The exercise is part of a larger NATO exercise that stretches from Finland in the north to Romania in the south.

The Norwegian military exercise Cold Response takes place every two years in northern Norway. But with Finland and soon Sweden under NATO control, the exercise was extended to include a Nordic response.

– A new era in Nordic cooperation

The exercise represents a new era in Nordic defense cooperation, emphasizes Vice Admiral Rune Andersen, head of the operational headquarters of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

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– It's about bringing in reinforcements to protect the entire alliance. A major part of that takes place here in Norway, Andersen adds NRK.

20,000 soldiers from 13 countries are participating in it. Of these, he writes, about 10,000 will be on the ground and thus know more about the training. Security.

– Training in northern regions is important because it presents completely unique challenges. If you want to be effective here, you have to train here too, says the vice admiral.

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Sweden, Finland and Norway have been selected as training areas as they offer opportunities for cross-border training.

– Andersen says that there is a common Nordic element in NATO now that it has a lot to say about how we think about security in Scandinavia.

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Great activity on the lake

The Norwegian defense forces say there will be heavy activity at sea, with more than fifty registered submarines, battleships, corvettes, aircraft carriers and various amphibious ships in particular.

Over a hundred fighter jets, transport aircraft, maritime surveillance aircraft and the accompanying CH43 Super Stallion, Merlin, Cobra and Osprey are participating in the air.

Thousands of soldiers on the ground will protect and defend Nordic territory during this exercise. Various artillery systems, tanks, tracked vehicles and other ground vehicles will be used.

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