Tuva Fellman: – Thanks for the support

Tuva Fellman: – Thanks for the support

In November of last year, it became known that the TV profile Dua Fellman was diagnosed with breast cancer during her second pregnancy.

Fellman has now shared a post on social media where she opened up about the disease and thanked everyone for their support.

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“A lot of treatment remains, but more has been done. Even though I've had the surgery and chemotherapy, I feel like we're a whole team and I'm never alone in this,” Fellman writes on Instagram.

She also says:

“I'm always a bit scared and worried, I have to remind myself that I'm not done, but now everything is bright. Thank you so much to everyone, especially Ronnie. The most beautiful person I know”.

Dagbladet has been in touch with Tuva Fellman, who declined to comment further.

Fellman had to have one breast removed in May 2021 after being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.

She shared this with her Instagram followers:

“I was afraid to post this post, but I want to write. Things don't always go as planned. In May, I found out I have pre-stage breast cancer. This summer I'm going to swim, go to the mountains, play with my daughter, and work. So it's not like that. I Had to have the whole breast removed,” she began recording at the time.

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