Car, Tesla | Daniel after cutting the price of Tesla: – He was left with a loss in the value of two cars

Car, Tesla |  Daniel after cutting the price of Tesla: – He was left with a loss in the value of two cars

Daniel Standal Digernes brought out his Model Y at the end of November. After handing over the new car, he is now trying to sell the car he bought in June 2019, which is a Model 3.

– The most boring thing for me was putting off the sale until the new year because it seemed wiser to wait because of the tax increase. I’m now left with a loss in value on two cars, says Digernes The newspaper online.

He says he’s not too upset about the loss in value of the Model Y because he’ll have it for many years.

— but it’s too boring to have to lower the price of the Model 3.

At the moment he cut NOK 35,000 off the original selling price, but the ad was immediately suspended for two weeks with no parties involved. Hence, more to come soon.

– I think I might have to lower the price by another 15 to 25,000 NOK. I was hoping to sell the car for 400,000, it was realistic to sell it for about 380,000, but we quickly dropped our price to 350,000 crowns.

He bought the car, which he’s now trying to sell, in June 2019. Dejerines says he’s not walking around angry, but rather disappointed.

– I have a family who ordered the car within a quarter of an hour after learning of the price reduction, and many friends are on their way to order. So I try to see the bigger picture and be positive,” he concludes.

critical to management

Others, such as Thomas Hodevik, criticize how senior management makes decisions that affect the customer group. He and his family bought a Model Y Long Range, which they received at the end of November.

– I don’t have anything negative to say about the employees at Tesla and their service, but I do criticize management decisions.

Hoddevik says there’s been a lot of focus from Tesla and pressure from customers to get as many models as possible before the new year. On January 1, the weight tax and value-added tax came into effect. Pricing has changed especially for the long-running Model Y, he says. The performance model has remained relatively stable in price.

– Suddenly, two weeks after the New Year, you say that prices are changing dramatically for some models. I got the Model A and Model B on these cars, which were initially priced the same.

Big Tesla price discounts at

A loss of 60,000

In addition to the price difference that was not between the two models when he bought his Model Y Long Range, the purchase value of the car decreased by about NOK 60,000 for Hoddevik and his family.

Everyone knows that the price goes down when you buy a new car, but the value goes down by an extra NOK 60,000 from the time we receive it from the dealer.

For Hoddevik and his family, the plan is to keep Tesla going for many years.

– In this sense, we are likely to get away with losing value at one point or another. But Tesla’s reputation has faltered a bit.

– I don’t think buying a car can be compared to buying a stake. When you buy a stock, you take a risk, but the rules of the game are not the same as when you buy a car.

– You know that there is a certain amount that you lose per month, and this is part of the rules. He adds that the fact that Tesla would help lose value was not what we expected.

Otherwise, he said they were very pleased with the car, and that it worked for everything they intended it to be used for.

– It’s strange to feel cheated

Jørgen Pollen Syversen doesn’t think price cuts are negative. Instead, he believes that Norwegian consumers who speculate on reselling should take it personally.

– Do you think there are many Norwegians who have speculated?

– Surely many did. Not just in Tesla, but many new variants of electric cars. In the past six years, it was possible to buy and have an electric car virtually without losing any money when owning it for one to two years due to the demand in the used market.

If you are willing to take risks to make money, you can’t complain if the market changes and you don’t get the profit you want or imagine. This is the cost of doing business, He says.

Syversen believes that the reason for Tesla’s price cut is lower demand in China, at the same time that the world has changed its view of buying “luxury goods” like cars. Therefore, he believes that lowering prices will help keep demand high.

– If someone feels cheated by Tesla to lower the price, it’s a little weird. You can’t complain if the price goes up and then complain when it goes down.

Syversen currently owns a Tesla Model 3 and an Audi e-tron 55. He’s now waiting for a rear-wheel drive Model Y to replace the Model 3. He previously had a Model X before Audi.

– Do you think you should lower the price of the Model 3 when selling?

Yeah, it could probably drop by 20 to 40,000 in a few months now, he says.

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