Carolina has gone through two major life crises in three years: – Incredibly sad

Carolina has gone through two major life crises in three years: – Incredibly sad

(Sandensposten): wrote Thursday Sandnesposten for a frontal accident Which had the worst results imaginable.

A man in his 30s died from his injuries.

– Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was initiated for the injured man at the scene. He was later pronounced dead at hospital, said Operations Manager Olug Bjornsen.

At approximately ten o’clock in the morning, Carolina Selmer received the message regarding the traffic accident. It was her roommate Damian Czeslaw Zolink (31) who lost their lives.

He was on his way home to Carolina and the kids after a night shift.

For her to experience this is absolutely unimaginable.

A new shock in life

A man in his thirties died after being involved in a car accident

Awesome experience

For the second time, she lost someone who was close to her.

The fatal accident between Caleb and Brian was a huge and inhumane tragedy that resulted in a huge loss of a loved one.

Rescue work began immediately at the scene, and Damian was taken first to SUS.

Unfortunately, doctors realized after two hours that they would not be able to save the young man’s life. The spine was broken, and severe injuries led to brain damage and death.

Again in Jindal sits a mother with two sons; He is almost eight years old and has a little son born in August.

The eight-year-old has lost his father figure for the second time.

First sadness

A few years ago, Karolina was married to Matthews. The two were married for five years and have a son together.

Life in Gandal was peaceful for the two, who originally came from Poland.

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On August 18, 2020, Carolina received the painful news that her husband had been in an accident.

He’s got a car on top of him, under repair. This unfortunately ended with Matthews losing his life instantly.

Carolina became a widow and a single mother of a four-and-a-half-year-old boy.

Life was turned upside down after the tragedy.

As a single mother, she had to be strong for her beloved son.

Eventually, everyday life somehow managed to return to some form of normalcy. The sadness was there.


Then Carolina met her lover, Damien.

She felt he understood her well and showed great support through grief and loss.

They fell in love, moved in together, and planned to spend the rest of their lives together.

Damian became a father figure to the boy, and the two formed a close bond. This summer, Karolina and Damian got engaged, and the plan was a wedding.

In August, Karolina and Damien gave birth to a boy together. This brought great happiness to the family, and Karolina now had to enjoy her time on maternity leave from a 50 percent job.

But then the second tragedy happened.

Damien was involved in a head-on collision in Brautslietta on 26 October.

Life cannot be saved after injuries.

Do you want help

Carolina has twice suffered the loss of someone close to her, and has been widowed twice within three years.

– This is an incredibly sad and difficult to describe story. His partner, Damian, was the main breadwinner for the family. Karolina is now alone with two children, suffering great grief and financial challenges, Karolina’s friends say.

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To allow their friend Karolina to process her grief and not spend her energy worrying about finances, they created Friends Paste or collect.

– Life is so unfair and we want to contribute something after this tragic event.

The connection will be made with the consent of Carolina and the family Cassia Peden, one of the friends behind the fundraiser, says the money will go exclusively to her and her children.

On Monday evening, the value of the collection exceeded NOK 304,000. The target was NOK 230,000.

Sandnesposten has been in contact with Carolina Selmer. The article was written with the agreement and approval of Carolina, who was allowed to read everything before publication.

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