February 3, 2023


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Cat Abuse and Eye Injuries | 35 confined cats lived – they suffered eye damage from urine vapor

A man in his sixties from Ostfold should appear in court in Ostfold in mid-December, accused of abusing 35 cats.

This is written by the NTB, which also states that the animals live in garbage and excrement.

The eye was damaged by ammonia vapor from cat urine NationNTB says.

Discovered more than five years ago

The circumstances of the man being accused were discovered in November 2017, more than five years ago. According to the NTB, 35 cats were found in the man’s home, locked in two rooms with a mess, litter and large amounts of cat feces.

In the indictment, it appears that the air quality was poor and high values ​​of ammonia were measured in the rooms in which the animals were confined. The indictment stated that the cats suffered “corneal ulcers and burns to the paws” as a result of the high values.

The cats also had no access to water, and were poorly socialized and anxious. Many of the cats also had large stomachs, indicating a high parasite load, according to the indictment and NTB.

Heavy cat abuse in the area

According to the NTB, this is the second case in a short time dealing with gross abuse of a large number of cats in Viken.

In November, a former local animal protection team leader was sentenced to eight months in prison for abusing more than 50 cats.

The case begins at Vollo and Nordre Ostfold District Court on December 15, and the court has set aside a case day.