Celebrities celebrate their new engagement, Jan Thomas and Harlem Alexander: see the photos!

Celebrities celebrate their new engagement, Jan Thomas and Harlem Alexander: see the photos!

On Sunday evening, Jean Thomas (53 years old) surprised “everyone” when he proposed to his lover Harlem Alexander (36 years old) in front of a crowded hall in “Chat Noir”.

The engagement moment was the romantic final number for the podcast hosted by the 53-year-old and his podcast partner, Einar Tornquist (41). In the auditorium – among the regular audience – family and friends all sat and witnessed this very special moment.

Now they are engaged!

Se og Hør knows that only a select few knew what would happen. The couple’s closest relatives were invited to the screening – and what was supposed to be a fun pre-Christmas party.

But suddenly the whole event took a slightly more romantic turn…

Here, Jan Thomas proposes to Harlem Alexander – on stage! Video: Niklas Kocken-Thorsen / Nora Gulbbrandsen Skavhog / See og Hour
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– “I always love you”. That’s what I thought four years ago in South Africa as Harlem rounded the corner. He is the kindest, kindest, most generous human being. And now it’s time. Dear Harlem, can you come over here, said Jan Thomas from the edge of the stage – while focusing his gaze on his roommate who had risen from the hall.

Then Jan Thomas got down on his knees.

- I was terrified

– I was terrified

– I love you with all my heart. will you marry me

There wasn’t a dry eye when Marion Raven (39) entered the stage to sing “I’ll Always Love You,” and the roof nearly exploded when the evening ended with her performing “La det Swing” on stage — alongside the new band. The couple got engaged.

The couple has taken their relationship a step further. Video: Watch and listen.
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Following the engagement, many famous faces also gathered to celebrate the newly engaged couple, including Princess Märtha Louise (52).

Martha and Jan Thomas have developed a good friendship in recent years, and the newly engaged couple are now close friends with the Princess and her immediate family. Jan Thomas also appeared in the reality series “Märtha” which was broadcast on TV 2 two years ago.

-It's not our fault

-It’s not our fault

And so, the princess’s name was clearly on the guest list when the gorgeous couple partied and partied at the bar on the top floor of the Grand Hotel in Oslo on Sunday evening.

See photos from the surprise celebration below!

Photo: Shad Madian/Si Oj Hour

Princess Märtha Louise broke away on a December night to join a pre-Christmas party and celebrate Jan Thomas and Harlem.

Louise Angelica Reis and David Eriksen were among the guests who were surprised by the engagement.

Another couple who never stopped loving – Peter Bellegarde and Vendela Kirsibom – took part in the celebration.

Lily Penders and Princess Märtha Louise belonged to the inner circle of Jan Thomas and Haarlem. Both were decorated for the celebration.

Sebastian Solberg’s TV profile is rarely a party stop, and he was in force at the party at the Grand Hotel.

Lenny Meister, who had just released her version of “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” was among the most decorated of the parties.

Jan Thomas and Harlem were so in love and chic at their pre-Christmas party — which ended up being an engagement party after Jan Thomas stole the show.

Flowers Fin Cheol loves celebrating love, so the evening was definitely to his taste.

After performing and flirting, Harlem and Jan Thomas of course had time for their closest friend – the dog Tyr. It didn’t take long for the dog to get all the attention.

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