Celebrity Farm, Dorothy Scapelle | Dorthe Skappel loosens the veil in the lives of “farm celebrities”: – it was incredibly stressful

Celebrity Farm, Dorothy Scapelle |  Dorthe Skappel loosens the veil in the lives of "farm celebrities": - it was incredibly stressful

“Good night Norway” host Dorthe Skappel (59) will be seeing a lot more on TV in the future.

Skappel is precisely One of the twelve new “farm” celebrities which moves on Tuesday to Bøensætre Farm in Aremark, where the farm is being held the same way it has been for 100 years. For six weeks, the twelve will keep the farm – at the same time they will be vying to hold their place on the TV show.

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The host of “Good night Norway” is perhaps one of the posts with the most TV experience, but she still doesn’t hide the fact that she dreads the premiere. The 59-year-old told Nettavisen that she had never planned to join a TV concept like ‘Farmen kjendis’:

– I am looking forward, but I am also very afraid. I thought I should never be in any kind of reality, so it’s a bit like that… I think we all have an opinion of ourselves about how we are and who we are. So for me this is the scariest thing. who am I? Or how do they draw me?

I know I can be bossy.

Skappel is not among the celebrities who have been seen in many notions of reality all along.

I previously participated in “Skal vi danse” on TV 2, but that’s it. Hence, viewers didn’t get to know the host the way you do on a reality show like “The Farm Celebrity”. Now she’s excited about how the full package will turn out on TV.

I want to get out in the best way possible, and I know I have weaknesses like everyone else. Seeing how special she is, that’s what I really fear. I know I can have a temper, and I know I can be “bossy,” Dorothy Scabel tells Nettavisen and adds:

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– But to what extent?

On the other hand, Skappel doesn’t worry about being portrayed as a “mistake”.

There are aspects of which I may not be proud, but I must admit, I know. But that doesn’t make me wrong. So it will probably be a shock to see how you are doing. This is scary.

– I’m also afraid to see how everyone looks at me, says the host.

Some participants are afraid

Ahead of Tuesday’s premiere, TV 2 shared a sneak peek into this year’s season on social media, revealing in one clip exactly what other participants thought when they saw Skappel appeared on Reality Ranch.

Oh my God, Dorothy. She is the queen. And crap, says former “Sommerhytta” winner Owen Krug, 26, in an Instagram clip shared by TV 2 before the premiere.

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For Skappel herself, it took a while before she realized that some feared her at the start of the farm stay.

– When I came I was really excited. So it took a while before I realized it, maybe it was only when Owen came and told me she was terrified when I walked in, laughing.

She doesn’t know why, but she has a suspicion:

I think it’s probably about being in public for a long time and then people have an opinion of you. After all, you’ve been on TV for 25 years, and then maybe you get a picture and experience meeting something big? I do not know. But the title of Queen she had, disappeared very quickly, she laughs.

– incredibly stressful

In “Farmen kjendis” the participants live and run the farm as they did 100 years ago, and one might think that hard work and a limited diet are the hardest.

For Dorthe Skappel, on the other hand, the challenge was something completely different.

Parts of it are more brutal than you think when you watch it on TV. The socialization and the compulsion together were more brutal than I could have imagined, 59-year-old Natavizen honestly told.

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Living the old-fashioned way and owning the tools and everything that’s been around 100 years in time was totally fine. It was less difficult than I thought, actually. I don’t think it was a problem living on potatoes and pork bone here and there. We got the food and it was good. I don’t think this was bad at all. The social thing was the most difficult for me there.

Anyway, Skappel is glad she was with, and wouldn’t have lived without her. But she won’t do it again, either.

“It’s very stressful to have a dozen people together, they’re just randomly placed there,” she says.

– Gather people together in a small space and combine it with a little sleep and food … then everything is enhanced to a very large degree. I got so upset at one point that I almost shivered.

– He swallowed a lot of camels

With everything enhanced, Skappel points out, among other things, the struggles within the Reality Farm. She believes that conflicts on the farm will be much greater than they will be in real life.

– There is a group of people who are required to cooperate and coexist. This does not always happen. And the trifles become so big because we have so little food, so much work, and so much tiredness. The conflicts that arise may be stronger than they were abroad, Schabel says.

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Skappel describes itself as a cloud of conflict, but it doesn’t hide the fact that there were some discussions on the farm.

– I swallowed a lot of camels, and from the outside I would probably leave the situation more often, she laughs.

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You have no contact with others

Despite the conflicts and the intense stay on the farm, the participants of the “Farmen kjendis” often become a tight-knit gang after registration. However, this does not apply to Dorthe Skappel.

“Unlike the others, I’ve had nothing to do with the others since I got out of there,” she tells Netavizen.

The hostess herself believes that the reason for this is that she does not have much in common with her colleagues in reality.

– Maybe it has a lot to do with this if you are 24-25 and you come to a place like this where there are many like-minded people and you are the same age and so-and-so, it’s a little different. I was the oldest, lived the longest and had little in common with many of them, says the Good Evening Norway hostess to Nettavisen.

– So it’s not quite so for me, that is. They went out there and said, “Oh, I love you all so much.” No, I’m not there at all. But I do care about them. “I think everyone there was nice people in their own way,” explains Schable.

In other words, Skappel probably wouldn’t gather the “Farmen kjendis” gang to watch episodes together on TV.

– I will follow it, but I think I will do it calmly with the people I care about, and not with anyone with whom I have been. It’s like a nightmare to me. Then you have to start defending what you’ve done, and… No, it’s totally cruel, says Skappel and laughs.

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