Celine Dion: – She almost died

Celine Dion: – She almost died

In 2022, Celine Dion shared the heartbreaking news that she suffers from a rare neurological disorder called Stiff Person Syndrome.

The disease causes increased muscle stiffness and painful spasms, and for many it means life in a wheelchair, he says Norwegian health informatics.

Despite the challenges, Dion has shared openly about her struggles, announcing in January that she would share it all through the upcoming documentary “Me: Celine Dion.”

Now all fans are getting an insight into the star's life in the new trailer.

Tears: Celine Dion shares candid and vulnerable moments in the documentary. Photo: Prime Video
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- Taking one day at a time

– Taking one day at a time

– I miss it

In the clip released Thursday, Dionne looks directly into the camera and says she has been “diagnosed with an extremely rare neurological disease.”

– I wasn't ready to say anything before. Now I'm ready, she explains in the trailer.

Many media outlets have covered the case, including: BuzzFeed.

-I work hard every day. But I have to admit, it's been difficult, says the “My Heart Will Go On” singer, before breaking down in tears.

Since then, it appears that Dion has continued her gradual return to the public eye, after a long period away.

-I've been through a lot

-I've been through a lot

– He almost died

On June 11, broadcaster Hoda Kotbas will host Exclusive interview with Celine Dion It will be featured on the “TODAY” show and a Primetime special on NBCNews.

During a recent episode of the show, co-host Jenna Bush told Hager that things were going badly for Dionne.

She's much better now, but at some point she was on the verge of death, Hager says.

She explained that it was a scary time, but Dion is incredibly coping with the situation.

“At some point, she wondered if it would work, and if she would be able to live through it,” Hajar says.

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