Chaos at UK airports – border controls out of control

Chaos at UK airports – border controls out of control

Several British media outlets reported on the chaos that occurred at the airport on Tuesday evening.

This was stated by a spokesman for Manchester Airport Manchester Evening News That border control systems are broken, and that this applies to all parts of the country.

The same was confirmed by a spokesman for Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London opposite Sky News.

– We assist the Border Police with their emergency plans, to help solve the problem as quickly as possible, and to follow up on passengers. “We apologize for the inconvenience caused to them,” a Heathrow Airport spokesperson told the channel.

It is currently unclear what caused the system failure, and how long it will take to get the systems back up and running again.

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Alexandra Lindgren, press director at SAS, told Dagbladet that their travels were not affected by the challenges in London.

– Arriving passengers may have to wait a little longer in London, but that's it.

A number of travelers shared on social media pictures of large crowds at border control at various airports.

One of the victims, the Swedish website My Eriksdotter, spoke about the matter Express. She landed on Tuesday evening at Gatwick Airport on a flight from Sweden.

– When I looked at this huge crowd, I had a completely terrible feeling. “This was the longest line I've ever seen,” Eriksdotter told the newspaper.

She adds that despite the chaos, there was a good atmosphere among those waiting.

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Dagbladet was in contact with Norwegian, which stated that the problems did not affect any of its flights. The airline flies to Gatwick Airport. So far, Dagbladet has been unable to obtain a comment from SAS, which flies to Heathrow.

The issue is updated!

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