Chaos party canceled after accusations of Nazism – VG

Chaos party canceled after accusations of Nazism – VG
Chaos on stage during Hell Festival in 2010.

Norwegian black metal band Mayhem are scheduled to play a concert in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on Tuesday. This has now been rescinded, after a storm of complaints and accusations.


– Neither the band nor any of the members support any form of racism, nazism, homophobia or discrimination. All Mayhem fans are welcome at the band’s concerts regardless of background, creed, skin color, or anything else, Mayhem manager Tore Stjerna wrote in an email to VG.

Mayhem was supposed to perform at Bar Opinião in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on Tuesday this week.

– In recent days, we have been surprised by the wave of information and serious posts on social networks regarding the Mayhem concert, organizer Bar Opinião wrote on Instagram on Friday.

Bar Opinião also talks about the demonstrations outside and near the concert venue, and concludes that the event has been cancelled.

They add that one of the rules for the evaluation was the risks to the concert participants.

Manger Stjerna wrote that the band was disappointed to cancel the concert, but even more upset that hundreds of fans wouldn’t be able to see the chaos.

– What really happened in this case is that the band was falsely accused on social media, which led to a number of people contacting the venue, who chose to cancel the concert, Stjerna writes, adding that they are now trying to arrange a “meet-and-greet” with fans.

According to the Internet newspaper Gauchazh It all started about two weeks ago with a post on social media from professor Renato Levin Borges, linking the band to Nazism. Then came a wave of accusations and statements of support targeting the chaos, Gotcha writes.

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An image was also circulated on social media, showing a banner with a protest caption of the band outside Oppenau Bar.

Rio Grande do Sul’s foreign minister, Lionel Rady, was also very critical.

He posted a series of messages on Twitter about the chaos, accusing the band of racism and Nazism.


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