Else Kåss Furuseth thanks for the support and shares a photo of the bed

Else Kåss Furuseth thanks for the support and shares a photo of the bed

Else Kåss Furuseth (43 years old) shares a photo of herself with her chosen one, Tommy Johansen (49 years old).

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Beyond the spectrum“, writes another Below the picture Which shows her and Tommy in bed.

So the photo was taken after The ceremony – which was held at Oslo Spektrum on Saturday – served as a wedding reception, although not legally binding.

Elsze apologizes to everyone who tried to talk to her in recent weeks.

All you have to do is take a moment to shout thank you so much for all the love IRL And in your inbox. Although there is no response from here, I just want to say: We are alive! (Tommy too ❤️), she writes as well.

“I love you”

It is Else who takes a selfie of herself and the groom in bed, but specifies that the photo is reproduced with permission.

I love you more than Marv“, she writes to a bedmate (Marve is Rolv Wesenlund's famous Fleksnes character).

Thank you so much to everyone who expressed, up front and along the way, their love for love's sake, both at work and in their private lives.“, writes another.

And it was revised twice for everyone who forgot about it, not black or anyone who thinks Spektrum has become something violent. Saying as I said to Tommy: Sorry. Promise not to do it again».

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Days of wheat bread from every side

After “marrying” Elsie in front of 7,500 spectators six days ago, Tommy traveled to Scotland with businessman Stein Erik Hagen (67 years old), for whom he worked as a cook.

– It was good to come to Scotland with good colleagues and employers. Stein Erich and his children have been like my family for 30 years. Now I've got another one as well. He added that life is now at its peak and I am looking forward to the future Look and listen Earlier in the week.

It was Bjørn Eidsvåg (70 years old) who “forged” Else and Tommy into Spektrum. It was not revealed until the day after the “wedding” that it was a symbolic ceremony, and that Eidsvåg was not there as an actual celebrant.

“They have to make sure they get to the city clerk and do it the right way,” he said.

Through the talk show “Else” on the Discovery Channel, television viewers have followed her dream of finding a husband in recent months. Several candidates have been launched.

Spektrum was booked for weddings well in advance, and it was well underway with Tommy.

-She is a very happy and complete lady. Well, Tommy summed it up after giving his yes to the popular veteran broadcaster.

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