Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck:

This star couple Jennifer Lopez (52) and Ben Affleck (49) You should share again, there may not have been many who dared hope a few years ago.

the couple It was operating in the early 2000sBut she divorced shortly before the wedding date. In the past, they both continued after their separation, but in the last year, as is known, they found each other again.

Earlier this month, the news also surfaced that Affleck had peace with his girlfriendAnd they are getting married now.


However, the couple has well protected the details of the engagement, but now the artist softens the veil at the romantic moment.

“Did you ever think that your biggest dream could come true? Saturday night, when we were in my favorite place in the world (in the whirlpool), my sweet love got down on one knee and proposed,” she writes on her website “On the JLo,” reproduced among others People.

new look: Ben Affleck surprises everyone with this Instagram video. Photo: NTB. Video: Ben Affleck / Instagram. Clip: Ingebjørg Iversen / See and Hear
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According to the star, she was really taken to bed.

“I looked him in the eyes and smiled and cried at the same time, while trying to realize that after 20 years this happened again. I was speechless and he asked me “Is this a yes?” To which I replied “Yes, of course it is a yes””, she continues.

special ring

“My smile was so big and tears were running down my face. I felt incredibly happy and complete. It wasn’t anything fancy at all, but it was the most romantic I could possibly imagine…just a quiet Saturday at home with two people promising each other to be there for each other. Some are forever,” she continues.

engaged / engaged: Emily Stordalen is engaged! The whole family participated in it Video: TV 2
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According to the 52-year-old, the couple got another chance in love together.

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When it comes to this special engagement ring, studded with green diamonds, Lopez says that green has always been the color of her happiness.

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