Charlotte Pirelli and her husband, Anders Jensen, have moved into their new luxury villa

Charlotte Pirelli and her husband, Anders Jensen, have moved into their new luxury villa

Swedish pop star Charlotte Pirelli, 48, achieved her breakthrough more than 20 years ago when she won the Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Take Me to Your Heaven.”

Since then, she has auditioned several times for Melody’s Swedish Grand Prix, representing the country again in 2008 with the song “Hero”.

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However, in recent years, she has not had much focus on her singing career. She and her husband, Anders Jensen, 46, built a luxury villa in sunny Spain.

Previously, the duo owned a luxury villa in Marbella, Spain measuring approximately 800 square metres. Last fall, Songbird confirmed that it was going to be sold, as the family continues to grow and needs appear to be different.

– He’ll be inside

Both Pirelli and her husband earn millions annually, and he makes no secret of the fact that they live a life of luxury.

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Just a few months after the luxury villa was sold for around NOK 65 million, it became known that they had already bought a new and larger villa in Spain, to which they have now moved.

“We live 500 meters above sea level, below the pearly gates…and I promise you you will feel it. The view day and night is fantastic, but above all I love living in the mountains! Now we have to offload the lot and settle down,” Pirelli writes. Blog.

However, it wasn’t just easy being on the move in the sweltering heat of Europe – something Pirelli and the family really experienced.

Previously, Spanish authorities also sent out red and orange danger warnings for large parts of the country. The thermometer is expected to reach over 40 degrees in many cities.

– It’s very hot. Some days it gets to 40 degrees in the shade, she says Expressand continues:

About the amount: - Every penny is paid

About the amount: – Every penny is paid

We try to add as many activities as possible into the early morning or later in the evening. In the middle of the day, we’d rather be inside. But kids run soccer camps, and kids play golf and tennis. But it’s very hot.

– a dream for everyone

Earlier this year, when it became known that Pirelli and her husband had bought themselves a new luxury villa, she made no secret of the fact that nothing was being spared to get the new home absolutely perfect.

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– This time it will be made especially for us and everyone will have it the way they want it. This is a dream for everyone in the family, and we draw and pick things like it’s Christmas Eve every day, to share with her Blog.

Husband Anders Jensen can also reveal to him to hand in They had owned the new house for nearly a year at that time.

– We bought a new house in February. We are moving in this summer and looking forward to it. The house is not too far from our current home.

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