Prince Andrew “inherits” Corgi dogs Queen Elizabeth – VG

Prince Andrew "inherits" Corgi dogs Queen Elizabeth - VG
The Queen’s Dogs: It’s now clear that Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah are the ones in charge of two of Queen Elizabeth’s dogs.

Prince Andrew (62) and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson (62) take charge of the Queen’s two teams, Moek and Sandy.


daily Mail He wrote on Sunday that a spokesman for the Prince confirmed that he and his ex-wife Sarah, who still live together at the Castle Royal Lodge in Windsor, are taking care of the two dogs.

Take on dogs: Prince Andrew gave the Queen two of the Queen’s youngest dogs during the pandemic. Now he takes charge of them again.

According to the British newspaper, it is still unknown what happens to the late queen’s two other dogs: Lizzie, a four-year-old cocker spaniel – named after the queen herself and the oldest of the queen’s dogs, 13-year-old Candy. 1 year old Dorje (a mix of corgis and dachshund).

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What happens to Queen Elizabeth’s dogs now?

Queen Elizabeth loved many Corgi dogs. Now many are wondering what happened to them after her death.

It’s no surprise that Prince Andrew, often referred to as the Queen’s favorite son, and his family are now holding two of the dogs.

The Daily Mail writes that it was Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson who had recently been walking their dogs after the Queen fell ill.

Since 1945, the Queen has owned at least 30 corgis. Many of them are descended from Susan, who received it as a gift for 18 years. At one time, there must have been up to 13 dogs of this breed roaming the castle corridors. It was the Queen’s father, George VI, who already in 1933 secured the entry of the first corgi, named Dookie, into the English royal family.

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