Israel occupied Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

Israel occupied Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli army, attacked the hospital in Gaza on Monday night.

This is what an Israeli newspaper reported Haaretz.

Write several hundred people reside within the hospital area BBC And the island.

The IDF claims it chose to act on what they say was intelligence that several Hamas leaders were inside the hospital.

Social media sites are circulating reports of explosions and gunfire.

Video circulating on X website As Al Jazeera wrote, they were verifiedappears to show people fleeing on foot from the hospital on Monday night.

Al-Shifa Hospital was located in Gaza City and before the war it was the largest in Gaza:

In the morning hours of Monday, Al Jazeera wrote that a fire broke out in one of the hospital’s surgical departments.

  • Al Jazeera Arabic wrote that its employees inside Gaza said that shots had been fired at the hospital, and that people had been injured. They also reported that Israeli soldiers surrounded the hospital.
  • In a statement issued at 04:00 Norwegian time, Israel also said that there had been a shooting at the hospital. The Israeli army says, according to Haaretz newspaper, that its soldiers were fired upon when they were on their way to arrest what they call terrorists, and that they returned fire.

In November, Israel carried out a major attack on the hospital.

Hamas leaders are allegedly in the hospital

Israel has repeatedly accused Hamas of using the hospital as a command center. And they repeat it on Monday night.

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– The Israeli army is carrying out an operation with a high degree of precision in limited areas of Al-Shifa Hospital after receiving concrete evidence that requires immediate action, says army spokesman Daniel Hagari.

  • Hagari claims that Israel is certain that Hamas leaders are once again within the hospital area, and that they are planning to launch attacks against Israel from here.
  • Hamas, which rules Gaza, denies that it uses hospitals in its military operations.

background: Battle of Al-Shifa Hospital: – It is impossible to be sure

In a statement on Monday night, they condemned the attack that took place inside the hospital. They claim that Israel used tanks, drones and firearms.

– A war crime that confirms the intention of the occupation forces to destroy the health sector and hospitals in Gaza, as its media office wrote in a statement via the Telegram application.

Demands that civilians be allowed to evacuate

In addition to patients and health workers, several hundred internally displaced Palestinians also took refuge in the hospital area BBC.

The Israeli military said Monday night that people would not have to leave the area, but it would be possible to evacuate civilians.

The health authorities in the Gaza Strip said in a statement to Al Jazeera that Israel, with its recent storming of the hospital, must bear responsibility for the lives of patients, health workers and others in the region.

– What they are doing at Al-Shifa Hospital is in violation of international and humanitarian laws and regulations.

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