Lucy Letby – A shocking discovery ten years after her son’s death

Lucy Letby – A shocking discovery ten years after her son’s death

In 2013, Alvin was born at Chester Hospital, outside Liverpool. One month later, doctors discovered that the little boy had congenital muscular dystrophy.

This disease is a serious, progressive muscle disease that affects almost exclusively boys. The disease is caused by an error in the muscle cells, which leads to a gradual loss of muscle function, he said health care.

Alvin is christened at the hospital, and he wears a white silk bodysuit with matching hat. In the baptismal book, several nurses wrote greetings. One of them was Lucy Litby:

«to two thousand. With love on your special day. Lucy.»

child killer

At the end of August, Lucy Letby, 33, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of seven children, in addition to six other attempted murders. The 33-year-old allegedly injected air into the children, gave them lots of milk and poisoned them with insulin.

Today, mother Emily Morris of Deeside, Wales, shuddered at the few words her nurse wrote back in 2013.

FOR LIFE: Lucy Letby was arrested at her home on July 3, 2018. Photo: Cheshire Police Bulletin via EYEPRESS
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– It was so terrible to see her name in the baptismal book, because of all the news. Many believe that the children who were killed were the ones she wrote to, says mother Emily Morris.

Sudden death

Morris is told that she can take Alvin home from the hospital. It made great progress, and the doctors thought it was safe.

But suddenly the little boy died. Mora describes her shock:

– He was a happy little boy. We learned that he died when we were in the hospital room. They came and put him in my arms and said he was dead, says his mother, Emily Morris The IndependentAdding:

She explained that he had made great progress, but died in his sleep.

Last Thursday, ten years after her death, Morris and her husband, Mark Lewis, discovered several disturbing, old photographs.

May reveal the nurse's dark secret

May reveal the nurse’s dark secret

according to BBC The pictures are preserved on the memory pen he came with from the hospital after Alvin’s death. However, the family has not seen the photos yet.

– We were shocked. It hurts to see a person who has killed so many children standing next to your child. Morris says: This thought makes me sick.

He claims Letby took care of his son

She is now calling for the police to open an investigation into her son’s death, and claims that Lucy Letby was with her son, Alvin, the night before his death.

– Alvin died while Lucy was caring for him, she told The Independent.

Paul Hughes of Cheshire Police told the BBC they were “committed to carrying out a full and thorough investigation into the entire period that Lucy Letby worked as a nurse”.

- He was forced to run in the gym - he died

– He was forced to run in the gym – he died

The families of all children who are part of this investigation have been supported and informed. “We will of course provide a more detailed update when we can,” says Hughes.

It has been noticed

Emily Morris says she remembers Lucy Letby well from her time on the maternity ward. She remembers that the nurse was very worried about her son, Alvin.

She describes Litby as clingy and “weird”.

She touched him all the time, and often leaned on him. She wanted to be around the kids all the time. I thought it was cute, but I see now that it was a private behavior.

Chester Hospital did not want to comment to The Independent.

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