Checking the hidden code in the Tesla program

Checking the hidden code in the Tesla program

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(Elbil24): It was a well-known hacker who called “green” on Twitter, who discovered that Tesla had entered software code that points to several recognized crash tests and related sites, including Euro NCAP, where Tesla’s Model Y achieved Most recently, the highest score.

Among other things, the hacker is asking an open question on Twitter about the purpose of these signals, and whether this means that the car detects when it is being driven through these tests, and optimizes the settings.

Investigate the cause

In recent days, several international websites have reported this finding, and many are speculating whether the code improves the vehicle’s electronic safety systems ahead of tests, and whether this means that the car behaves differently in the test case than in the real world.

However, Green himself did not find any association associated with specific jobs, he wrote, among other things leader.

However, the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), which aligns with the European testing institute Euro NCAP, confirmed that they are aware of the problem.

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We are aware of the allegations on Twitter, and are investigating them closely, an ANCAP spokesperson tells Drive.

No need to cheat, but…

So far, no one has accused Tesla of cheating, but many are now asking questions about why Tesla used a code that could be linked to the ANCAP, Euro NCAP, Korea NCAP and China’s IVISTA safety tests.

Drive has attempted to obtain a statement from Tesla regarding the matter, but has yet to receive a response.

Software cheating to get the best possible result in tests is not a new phenomenon anyway. Many will likely remember the so-called “dieselgate scandal” in 2015, in which it was proven that some cars from the Volkswagen Group were able to tell when they were analyzed under lab conditions – and turned into a situation that resulted in lower emissions.

This revelation, among other things, led to VW buying hundreds of thousands of cars, and many would believe the scandal was the beginning of the end for the diesel engine.

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