Patrick Dempsey: – Make a fuss

Patrick Dempsey: - Make a fuss

With his role as Doctor Derek Shepard, actor Patrick Dempsey (56) has charmed fans of Grey’s Anatomy. He was undoubtedly a favorite with viewers and thus was a great sadness to many when he left the series in 2015.

It’s been seven years since Depmsey left “Grey’s” job, but he hasn’t worked any less because of it. In fact, one of his latest projects has made him almost unrecognizable.

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Go for a new style

When the 56-year-old recently received an award from Disney, many people opened their eyes as he entered the red carpet. There was no dark-haired Patrick Dempsey to be seen.

Instead, he arrived with platinum blonde hair.

My kids were afraid, and my son really liked it. The son didn’t like it and my wife liked it too. So it is going well. He said otherwise, it’s good to have a little change Entertainment tonight around the hairline.

New hair: Patrick Dempsey received an award and showed off his new hair color.  Photo: Mario Anzoni/Reuters/NTP

New hair: Patrick Dempsey received an award and showed off his new hair color. Photo: Mario Anzoni/Reuters/NTP
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The reason for the platinum blonde hair is that he is shooting a new movie, where he will portray Ferrari driver Piero Tarofi in 1950.

– terrorize the group

Despite Dempsey’s huge success with “Grey’s Anatomy,” as we mentioned, he left the show after eleven seasons in 2015. It was a shocking departure for fans, and it’s not made clear why he’s leaving the series.

From the fan’s point of view, the character is dead – and therefore there is no longer any use for her. However, in the book “How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Gray’s Anatomy,” by Lynette Rice, More dramatic justification.

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to me New York Post Rice describes in detail the relationship between actor and series creator Shonda Rhimes (52). Dempsey allegedly “intimidated” the recording group – and his behavior is said to have given off some PTDS (The Journal of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder .anm.).

“He had some kind of group control and he knew he could stop production at any moment and scare people (…). I think he finished the show,” it is written in the book, according to the book The Hollywood Reporter.

However, this has not been confirmed and Dempsey has not commented on the allegations.

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