China’s allegations behind

China’s allegations behind

— the most comprehensive case of Chinese cyber espionage since the attack on Microsoft Exchange, says Charles Carmackal, CEO of Mandiant.

The cyber attack has been discussed by many international media, including Extra Magazine.

Stealing emails

The company said in a report Thursday that it is satisfied with the China connection.

New Pirate Fear: – Grave danger

Among other things, the attack is said to have specifically targeted matters of a highly political nature. According to the same newspaper, these should have been in the spotlight of the Chinese authorities.

– In some cases, they stole emails from high-profile employees who dealt with matters of interest to the Chinese government, says the manager.

Karmakal believes hacker group UNC4841 is behind the massive attack.

It has not been confirmed whether the group has direct relations with the Chinese government.


Hackers have reportedly targeted people from at least 16 different countries in both the private and public sectors.

The countries concerned must be located in the Pacific region and the United States.

In an article he published news letters, It appears that 55 percent of the organizations involved have links to the United States of America. The rest was distributed relatively evenly between Asia and Europe.

The company Barracuda deals with email protection, and the online espionage was believed to have started in October last year, but it wasn’t discovered until May this year.

“We continue to see evidence of ongoing malware activity,” says Barracuda.

Security researchers also believe that a group from China is behind this attack.

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